Matthew Davis: No Damages Here

Matthew Davis Shirtless

Kindly excuse me for the title, I get cheesier as I slowly waltz into my 30s (don’t we all?). Here’s another Matthew, both handsome and naturally hairy but the difference is that this one is unshaved. After such a disappointing display, these caps of shirtless Matthew Davis on “Damages” by Palmolive at Dreamcaps are like the perfect ingredient for a comforting bowl of chicken soup for the crotch, which is exactly what I need right now. The scene is a little dark for my liking, but I rather drool at a poorly lit hairy chest than a SHAVED one on a sunny afternoon!

Matthew Davis Shirtless

Matthew Davis

Matthew Davis Shirtless

Matthew Davis Shirtless

Matthew Davis Shirtless

  • Oh, he’s so adorable! And, let me add, Nice chest hair! I think I first saw him on Heights, and I already liked him then.


  • Christian

    He’s way hotter now than when he was in legally blond.

  • Cameron

    Tell me he is taller than 5’6″ pleeeeeeeze!

  • Mallory

    Always thought he was cute. Looks good with his shirt off too

  • What a sweet looking face. Oh and that hairy chest. I wish I was sharing that bed.

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  • Todd1952

    According to sources readily found on the Internet, Matthew Davis is 6’1″. Given that he’s cute, delectably hairy, and almost an inch taller than I am, I think I may faint now.

  • Ha – amusing coincidence. I just finished watching “Below” (an excellent thriller btw) and came here right away to see if he had been featured. I honestly don’t remember him from Legally Blonde, but he definitely made an impression on me in this movie: and although he’s never shirtless in it it’s quite clear he had a nice quantity of hair on his chest — there’s a great scene where his collar is more open and his chest hair is lit up from above (love that). Amusing that he was only *JUST* featured 🙂

  • Cute!

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  • Bob

    Chest looks great…a veritable forest! But those furry arms deserve abundant credit as well.

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