Mike Rowe, Stop Giving Us Ideas

Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs

You know what’s worse than a hot guy like Mike Rowe with his shirt on? A hot guy like Mike Rowe TEASING. In this week’s episode of iwantyounowgoddamnit “Dirty Jobs” appropriately named “Tight Spaces”, Mike slipped into a rather tight suit and teased our crotches with some suggestive shots. I’m too old to be teased, honestly. Having said that, these caps by scorchingheat at Dreamcaps fueled my imagination like nobody’s business. Like most of you after I’m finished with this post, I’ll be right back.

Mike Rowe in a Tight Suit

Mike Rowe in a Tight Suit

Mike Rowe in a Tight Suit

Mike Rowe in a Tight Suit

Mike Rowe in a Tight Suit

Also, Discovery has managed to up their Mike Rowe’s manwhoring game by making the voiceover say something about Mike squeezes into some odd holes in this preview for last night’s episode. Odd, dirty holes? Sounds familiar. Uhm, okay. I’ll be right back. TOMORROW.

  • Sammy

    Easily THE hottest man on the planet. I love him! Keep them coming!

  • Putitinme

    Oh, I am wet… he is so hot!

  • joel

    WHOA! So hot it hurts

  • eagander

    “Daddy, I fell down and hurt my pee pee. Pls kiss it and make me… uh, IT, feel better!”

  • rodthehorny

    Oh my gosh!!! I am so hard just looking at him :>

  • John


  • J

    He ends up shirtless, in his undies, or in a towel A LOT on the show. They must know what brings in ratings! At random times, the crew ends up half naked as well, and some of them are really hot too (no, not Barksy).

  • white panda

    mike rowe is the daddy of my wet dreams 😉

  • n

    i swear, there has to be a full frontal of mike rowe somewhere, that man is packing some serious meat and i just have to see it!!!!! and then some…

  • collin

    I wanna see hime naked! If anyone wants to talk dirty here my number 1325 456 8951

  • rowelover

    OK! I just saw an episode of Dirty Jobs… It was titled “Gourd Maker”. BUT, the opening segments are of him in Connecticut helping to clean out a lake. At one point, he takes off his t-shirt to put on a wet suit, but then immediately puts it back on. He turns to the guy next to him and says, “It’s the illusion of fitness. (Slaps belly) I’m swelling up like a tick” He then sticks his belly out… WAY OUT… and starts to rub it. “Every tool needs a good shed.”
    Um… If there is a God in Heaven, someone will vidcap this and preserve one of my deepest, hottest fantasies… Mike Rowe’s belly pushed to prodigious roundness… Oh, I have to lie down…

  • david

    i want him to shoot me his cum

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