Ryan Carnes Says Good Morning

Ryan Carnes Shirtless

It’s morning in LA, so the title is still valid okay? Enough about trying hard to make myself relevant. These beautiful shots of the star of landmark films like “Eating Out” and “Trailer Park of Terror” (yes I sat through that poo party), Ryan Carnes were freshly shot by LA based photographer Jeff Slater. Since this is a worksafe blog and I’m sure more than half of you are reading this on your office computer, I’m only going to feature the appropriate ones here. The less appropriate shots are available at Slater’s blog (no peen though). Now, before you shoot me for featuring this forest hater, keep in mind that you’ll get to see his morning wood after the jump (there’s a pun in there somewhere). And yes, morning wood is still worksafe because it’s like, covered and stuff.

Ryan Carnes Shirtless

Ryan Carnes Shirtless

Ryan Carnes Shirtless

Ryan Carnes Shirtless

Ryan Carnes Shirtless

  • DoverDavid

    Nice legs, the rest, eh.

  • QCNiceGuy

    He needs to make up his mind! His furry legs are a reminder of how hot he can be with his furry chest. Without it, he just disappoints me as someone else who can’t accept how hot he is with it!

  • Matty

    Just because he has furry legs does not mean a furry chest he will have. I am living proof of that. I have a naturally smooth chest but my legs are rather furry. Just saying.

    • Just to clear the air, Ryan Carnes has a hairy chest (the links are there for a reason). Proof.

  • May

    Wow, I’m surprised about the comments. This guy is a GOD.

  • Big Dave

    The lack of chest hair is permissible because of the hotness of the pit shot. Just makes me want to dive right in.

  • squarebart

    This is a tough crowd. I say credit where credit is due. And this purdy gets credit for being purdy. And for wearing a push-up winky enhancer! Thing is, I wouldn’t chase him down the street, but if he were naked in the room with me now…

    U no. oxo

  • Joetx

    Dark-haired guys with blond highlights = yuck.

  • I think he’s hot.

  • Dave

    I’m surprised that this site has no photos of Clint Walker, old school hairy chest God

  • vanhenry71

    That second and last pic had me creaming my jeans! THANK YOU!

  • Nick

    This guy has always done it for me!

    And a message to Matty up there … prove it! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Jeffrey

    Chris Jacobs of the show “Overhaulin’ is hot! I guess he is now on the show “The Insider.”

    I have had no luck finding shirtless of him.


  • ARthur

    Wow! He has slimed down. He was more muscle on “Housewives” and Eatting out.

  • mt

    @Jeff. Chris Jacobs shirtless: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIRtoC3xFAI

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