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Matthew Fox Shirtless

I know I’ve been babbling about this quite a lot, but after reviewing these devastating caps, I’m starting to think that maybe J.J Abrams actually has something against body fuzz. After all these plot twists, flashbacks and God knows what, we still have no sign of vegetation on Matthew Fox’s chest and the shirtless gods seem to ignore our prayers. So wrong. These mini heart attacks are from the latest episode of the sixth season of “Lost” by none other than Superherofan. Yes, it’s a fact that I’d still hit it in two blinks of a lamb’s eye — but he shouldn’t punish his fans like this. So much potential went down the drain. Like, literally!

Matthew Fox Shirtless

Matthew Fox Shirtless

Matthew Fox Shirtless

Matthew Fox Shirtless

Matthew Fox Shirtless

Matthew Fox Shirtless

Matthew Fox Shirtless

  • fshen75

    Ok so question…. why no caps of Sayid when he was being tortured by the Other others? His shirt was lifted and you could see his gloriously hairy tummy! Don’t get me wrong I was cussing out loud when I saw a totally waxed Jack. I even said “wow i see they wax in the sideways flash”. But there is still a bit of fur on the island. Here’s hoping for some ageless Richard shirtless shots this season!

  • Harold

    This man would never, ever disappoint this fan. Love him, love him, love him.
    I’d be more than overjoyed to have a guy like this in my life.

  • john loche

    i just love him like this.. he’s a hunk.. just wanna suck his dick and make him cum…..

  • DoverDavid

    Are we suposed to think that while Jack has been on the island, he was bored one day and decided to shave his body and how again on said island has the capabilities to keep it baby smooth! He has lost points with me, get the little pun there. 🙂

  • Mark

    Blame Team Darlton, not Abrams. He has zero day-to-day involvement in “Lost.”

  • macca

    This shaved look doesn’t even suit him!
    He looks thoroughly unnatural (thereby *not* sexy in my book).

  • Bob

    What a shame! Fell for him 20 years ago when he played a H.S. baseball player on Wings. UGHHH!

  • Bro

    He is still a hottie – even without the hair.
    And those scenes are off-island, which might explain why he’s shaved.

  • Curtis

    He looks better I hope he keeps it that way! Smooth is the way to go!

  • Jay

    I noticed that he started this when he got more trim. Pity really, he looked fine before and looks good now, but a little body hair would really tie the room together.

  • urbanoso

    Ewwww… He doesn’t even have a treasure trail…

  • Deed

    Curiouser and curiouser. The flight crashes and he has a hairy chest and his appendix. The supposed very same flight lands and he has a smooth chest and no appendix. Also, in the alternate scenario, what are Ben and the samurai guy doing off the island? They got some ‘splainin’ to do before the finale.

  • Kyle

    He’s shaved because his chest hair is graying. He’s likely dying his hair, so he doesn’t want to look older by having a chest full of gray hairs.

    This guy isn’t aging well at all. And he’s too flabby around the middle to get away with the completely shaved look – it only draws attention to that roll of fat.

  • Andy

    In the show, Juliet shaved his chest and stomach when she removed his appendix and since then it’s never re-appeared. (this was also around the time he did Speed Racer so maybe he had to shave his chest for that). Anyway, I wish he’d bring it back! But I’d still do him in a split second.

  • David

    The greatest mystery on Lost is how Jack lost all his chest hair!

  • John Hensley

    Matthew Fow, he who had the sexiest hairiest chest I’ve ever seen, went smmoth when he played the karate chopping bad guy in Speed Racer. I only went to see the film because of him and when he took his black t-shirt off to find, and I saw no chest hair, my heart was broken, Still is!!!

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  • Arthur

    He was all hairy in Party of Five. I wish he would let it grow back!

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