They Shaved Him!

Callum Blue Shirtless

You might need to sit down for this. If you already are, you might want to clear the junk underneath your desk so you can curl up into fetal position — because that’s exactly what I’ll do after I’m finished with this post. It’s a fact of life that Callum Blue, the cuteness from skin filled “Dead Like Me”, “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”, “The Tudors” and the must watch film “Young People Fucking” has a naturally hairy chest, although not as much but it’s there. In this week’s episode of “Smallville”, all the fuzzy hotness that used make my crotch tingle are gone. You see, this is what happen when you get into American television. Sadness. These are capped by Superherofan, along with a couple of Justin Hartley’s naturally smooth hotness caps of fellow follicle victim Justin Hartley. Two devastating news in a week… I can’t.

Callum Blue Shirtless

Callum Blue Shirtless

Callum Blue Shirtless

Callum Blue Shirtless

Justin Hartley Shirtless

Justin Hartley Shirtless

Justin Hartley Shirtless

  • CalvinBall81

    Sigh…I admire you for being stoic enough to report the horrible news as well as the good. When will the horror end? Shaved chests make me so sad, as well as irritated at the society that endorses them. Men, be men!

  • Joanna

    DAMN!!!!!!!! Let’s hope they let it all grow back in as fast as possible!!!!

  • while he was not all that hairy to begin with i myself found it interesting that Blue all of a sudden had a shaved chest. in the previous SMALLVILLE episodes
    in which he wore a olive green tank top his chest hair was quite obvious.
    so why at this point was it shaved? there has to be a damn good reason.

  • It seems like some comic book parallel where very few of the men are drawn with body hair.

  • Dana Moran

    Is that a typo? Justin Hartley’s NOT naturally smooth. Have never seen a photo where his chest hair isn’t clipped, however. Check out the picture at

    BTW: Someone must have mentioned this here before, but the fashion world and fashion photographers LOVE shaved men. They don’t have to worry about odd patches of hair, uneven coverage, carpet not matching the drapes, etc. and it’s easier to apply body makeup.

  • Boris

    What a shame!

  • LouLou

    Don’t know how to cap…but I recall that he was slightly hairy in the finale of Sanctuary on Syfy. Would be listed under Kahli part I & II.

  • Aaron M

    Justin had quite a hairy chest, but it was trimmed, when he was on the NBC soap Passions. There are a few pictures of him that way out there from the show.

  • This is a sad way to end the month.

  • Mallory

    People, you’ll live…..but I do wish that Hollywood and TV and everyone would quit insisting on shaving everyone. Matthew Fox for example looks hideous. Seems like the tide is turning, but slower than it seems like most of us would like.

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  • mred129

    agree with all’aya…..can’t stand all the lame manscapin’….and I mean any form, whether it be film, tv or pictorial media…

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