Two of My Favorite Things in the World in A Picture

Prince Harry Shirtless in Barbados

No, I’m not really talking about this. I’m talking about a shirtless ginge and a shirtless hairy daddy, in one picture. Don’t make me choose please! These are pictures of Prince Harry with a really hot piece (silver fuzz is THE best) on a boat during his visit to Barbados. My left eye is looking to the left and my right eye is focusing on the right. At the same time. HELP.

Images by INFDaily via Dlisted

Prince Harry Shirtless

Prince Harry Shirtless

Prince Harry Shirtless

Prince Harry Shirtless

  • Phils

    Wish the silver daddy’s face was more visible.:p

  • I’d do both, for sure. But ‘Prince Hairy’ is a real treat. Or maybe a royal treat. So my type!


  • len

    all i can say is RULE BRITTANIA!

  • DoverDavid

    Love the red tummy hair.

  • WannaBuyADuck

    Harry has always been the family hottie as far as I am concerned. I’ll take one Harry to three Prince Williams. Love the red belly fuzz.

  • KarmaLysing

    Harry managed to successfully transition from a ridiculously adorable copper-topped urchin to a stone, screaming, gingy hottie without any “awkward adolescent phase” in the middle. Now THAT’S an accomplishment.

  • squarebart

    I agree! Both hot! Love photo 3 where silverpop is swooping down to get a closer look! What’s next? oxo

  • Jay

    someday my prince will come
    someday my prince will come
    and how thrilling that moment will be
    when the prince of my dreams comes on me

  • WarpedRecord

    I think the guys in the second and third photos have assumed the proper position.

  • Candi Rue

    In shot #3 Silver Top seems to be visualizing Ginger Minge!

  • eagander

    And what’s daddy looking so closely at in the third pic?? Harry’s PINK undies??

  • Nick

    You can have the Silver Surfer – I’m all about the Royal Red!! 🙂

  • Phil

    At least HRH Diana brought some looks into the Royals…Most of them to that point looked like the south bound end of a north bound horse…And sorry but HRH Prince William is looking more like his dad every day…At least we know Harry has a lot to be proud of-LOL…

  • Phils

    Who is the silver daddy?

  • So, when I was a little freckle-faced redheaded rural midwest kid being picked on by the other kids for being a little freckle-faced redheaded kid, I wish one of the nuns would’ve pulled me aside and said “One day, some big hairy handsome man is going to love you for your freckles and red hair.” If just one of them had done that, surviving grade school would’ve been a lot easier.

    I’ve really enjoyed watching this whole “ginger” fetish evolve. Photographing bears, I’ve never really fit into a category: too small to be a bear, not young enough to dare call myself a cub, not silver enough to be fox, not nasty enough to be a goat. But these days, I’ve got a category: “ginger daddy.” I’ll take that!

    Anyway, back to the matter at hand: who is that silver daddy with his nose in the ginger happy trail?

  • Boris

    In the third pic, is Silverdaddy actualy looking at Harry’s Royal Crotch? I know I would!

  • julie

    harry is sooo dang hawt! he is so my man! 😉

  • julie

    harry is sooo dang hawt! he is so my man! 😉

  • Kaileo

    In the 3rd pic, you can still see daddy’s splooge on Harry’s belly! LOL


    Prince Harry is with no doubt one of the sexiest, hottest men alive. Many guys here (in this website) are actually very disgusting. Many are not, don’t get me wrong. Like Harry! I want to marry him!!!

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