A Little Blast from the Past

Peter Speach Shirtless

In continuing with my love for staches, via Kenneth in the 212, this picture of ultimate follicle perfection that is Peter Speach circa Playgirl October 1979 does a lot to me. I wasn’t born at the time but how I wish I was! The 70s was not only the golden age of staches, it was the age of body hair renaissance. Good times. What does Peter look like now? Answers at the back of the postcard!

Peter Speach Shirtless in Playgirl

Peter Speach Shirtless in Playgirl

Peter Speach Shirtless in Playgirl

Peter Speach Shirtless in Playgirl

Peter Speach Shirtless

Yes, folks. Peter Speach has succumbed to the clipping frenzy, but I’d still hit that and so much more!

Peter Speach Shirtless

Peter Speach Shirtless

  • God bless you, Square! Thanks for pulling out one of my old favorites from between the mattress and box springs of my memory (which is where Peter and several other hairy hunks resided back in the day). Oh, how I could give you a list of Playgirl faves from the ’70s, the era indeed that solidified my penchant for furry men.

  • vanhenry71

    A good friend of mine, Paul Foti is as hot and was in Playgirl around that time. If you want Square I can send them to you, if you like! He wasn’t a famous actor, but don’t matter mustache and fur is what that Italian man has!

  • Tom

    Wow He is stilla handsome hot man

  • DoverDavid

    I liked the pre-clipper picture’s better.

  • Tim

    That’s my friend’s brother. She always told me about his Playgirl spread, but I never saw it. Too funny.

  • Mike

    This man — then and now — is so many levels of FINE! Correct me if I’m wrong but his first Playgirl appearance was 1979 but I believe he did another circa ’81 or ’82. I clearly remember the 2nd set of pics (the last 2) from some special “holiday” or “year end” edition of Playgirl that I used to possess but sadly I don’t now. The 1979 edition in which he appeared is being offered on some obscure on-line auction site for about $25. (Sam Elliot was on the cover.) ~sigh~ I had such a crush on this guy; still do. And after kennethinthe212 posted his pic yesterday Mr. Speach starting popping up on many other like-minded websites. And thanks, square, for finding and posting pics of him today; he’s STILL gorgeous. Make it a great day.

  • lusty

    I think I prefer him more now than before, he’s such a hot daddy!

  • jan vos

    Peter Speach!! Who doesn’t remember him?
    At that time I came out of the closet and when I saw Peter in the Playgirl, ( that I stole at that time) I shot my load so far that the pages becames sticked after it.
    What a great hairy chest body he had. Yammie Yammie as we say here in Holland. Sweet memories

  • Carlos

    Love the vintage 1970’s pics, but wow!, I love him as a hot daddy now!

  • Peter was quite the pretty boy with his chiseled features, stache and fur. He looks great now. Around my age but in better shape. Nice that he’s allowing himself to be seen. So many men and women hide away when the “youthful” beauty fades.

  • WarpedRecord

    He has aged very well, but seeing him au naturel would be even better.

  • VinceB.

    Viewers will enjoy Blackdogue.com ,a blog dedicated to vintage Playgirl centerfold spreads. Needless to say, it’s one of my very favorite sites. This doesn’t offer model updates or text, but it’s a fun look back at what many of us kept under our mattresses.

  • WMassGuy

    What a woofing daddy!

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