Chris Evans is Captain America

Chris Evans Shirtless

After months of hunk searching (story of my life), they have finally confirmed that Chris Evans is Captain America. I bet my favorite stuffed animal (because I’m broke at the moment) on at least one very decent shirtless scene in the film, because it’s just plain wrong not to have one. Chris Evans can never run away from the fact that he’s the object of everyone’s affection. Let’s just hope he keeps his follicles healthy. Okay, I just need an excuse to post his shirtless picture above. It’s nice that he stepped away from the shirtless limelight for his delectable and equally furry brother, but it has been too long.

If you need to have a date with your imagination after reading this post, you might find this, this, this and this useful. Obligatory:

Chris Evans Shirtless

  • DoverDavid

    Nice but please producers, keep the Captin HAIRY like it should be.

  • I’ve been slow to warm up to Chris Evans, but Mr. Square, you’re turning up the heat.

    @DoverDavid we should start a petion to send to Marvel demanding a “no clipping” clause in his contract.

  • God bless the Evans brothers!

  • vanhenry71

    That one pic! OH SNAP!

  • knockout


  • Brendan

    No clipping *and* no clothes contract. I just want him to snuggle with me; is this normal?

  • Sammy

    He is such a flawless, gorgeous man. LOVE HIM. So stunning.

  • Bob

    Is it wrong to hope for a shirtless CAPTIVE sceen in the movie. Something where he’s tied up while the arch-enemy menacinngly walks around him deciding what to do with the hero. Should he inflict pain or just play with his new toy? Ok, I need a cold shower now.

  • drew

    1 – yes his GAY bro is hot too!

    2 – t’would be a toss up between him and Chris Pine for me though…

    3 – it must be just me thinking this – OBVIOUSLY both the evans brothers inherited GREAT genes…soooooooo…GIVE ME A PIC of their DADDY!!!

    • @drew OMG I never thought of that. You dirty bugger! p.s: Pass it to me when you got it.

  • This is reason enough to see the movie!

  • drew

    @square – yep leave it to mi to think of the daddy’s of all the gorgeous men in the world…can you tell i’m into daddies???

  • As much as we love Chris and all his furry hunkiness, get ready for a possibly hunkier Chris but with no hair there. Capt A is not the furry sort. Expect a blond (hope it’s not too phony looking), bulgy, furless Chris.

  • DHernandez

    Wow I’ll admit Chris Evans is definetly a hairy hunk that I have been enamored with for years, but I’m kind of sad that he’s going to play Captain America. He’s not seasoned enough for such a iconoclastic character. The casting just seems wrong, not to mention he’s already played the Human Torch for Marvel Studios. It’s just so out of place.

  • tommie White

    jeremy renner should be hired for cap.

  • Mallory

    Ok, my inner nerd is showing again….like I care. Yes, he isn’t that great for Captain America, but who cares, really? EVERYONE wants to blow or fuck (excuse my French, but that’s what they want) this guy. I think even straight guys probably want to hit that, just a little. So very, very handsome and his body is incredible. PS – I’ve been playing through FF XIII and Lightning is awesome! So cool to see a kick ass chick be front and center. Sorry…;)

  • Saph

    Yeah, I don’t think this is a good choice, I do think he’s hot, but he’s not old enough to play Captain America, and I’m not looking for Junior America: The Cadet years.

    Not just age wise but maturity wise, I’ve seen him in F4 too many times as torch to all of a sudden see him as Captain. That and this will complicate things, we know an “Avengers” is on the way, and captain america and iron men are such iconic partners, I can’t see Chris Evan and Robert Downey on the same level… so this either means in Avengers the role will have to either be recast, or it will just be weird…

  • Kyle Michel Sullivan

    Anytime. Anyplace. Anywhere. Anyhow. Any which way I can. And I think he’d make a good Captain; he has the ability if given the chance.

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