Guess This Hairy Chest

Guess This Hairy Chest

Who might be the owner of this meticulously trimmed hairy chest? Well, he’s Canadian and one of the stars of that remake show I never bother to watch (probably because I’m too old). That said, it’s nice to see young actors embrace their fuzz on screen. Guess before I sound more and more like a grumpy aunt!

It’s Shaun Sipos from this week’s “Melrose Place”! By the looks of these caps from Groopii, he is giving resident furball of that show Michael Rady a serious competition. Well, blond and brunette fuzz — they’re all good. After about 10 episodes or so, Shaun has finally changed his clipper setting from 1 to 3. I was hoping for a bigger number, but it’s a healthy development nonetheless. That or he’s just wet which give the appearance of fuller, longer chest hair. Oh well.

Shaun Sipos Shirtless

Shaun Sipos Shirtless

Shaun Sipos Shirtless

Shaun Sipos Shirtless

  • Oh, Canada!

  • Sammy

    MELROSE PLACE is the best show on TV – stop dogging it. I love you, but you tick me off when you diss Melrose (it’s lame).

  • Brendan

    Psht, please, Melrose Place *is* lame, even with hot, furry, delicious actors like Shaun.

  • Chris in Irvine

    That boy is HOT…and that treasure trail….yummy!

  • SZK

    Eye candy is the only thing that the new Melrose Place has going for it. But what lovely eye candy it is. 🙂

  • Skyler


  • jamie

    Shaun is pretty hot. He and Michael and the best reasons to watch Melrose. Though, I have not seen it recently. Maybe I will catch it in reruns before it gets cancelled.

  • Skyler

    If this hunk were on any other show, I would never stop watching!

  • brian

    Bring on Michael Rady from the same episode.

  • Rad

    Absolutely gorgeous. I can’t see one thing wrong with that chest, face, or body. But why is it that all the beautiful guys are terrible terrible actors on awful awful shows?

  • LuvHairyBlonds

    HELP! I had a link to a Bela Dorn model with a Nebraska shirt on, and my hard drive failed and I lost it all. Where are his pictures on the site, anyone?


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