Honoring Fur: Dave Salmoni in Flaunt Magazine

Dave Salmoni Shirtless in Flaunt

My inbox is currently overflowing (yes that’s a total exaggeration) with the furry sex beast also known as Dave Salmoni in Flaunt magazine, so here are some shots of this fine piece of manbeef shot by Tony Duran. Well, I’m all up for honoring fur in glossy magazines — but these are a little too arty for me (someone please explain to me the significance of the corset). I prefer the Salmoni in his natural habitat or his uniform. Via Towleroad, thanks to JH and Fatfairies (OMG your nick)!

Dave Salmoni Shirtless in Flaunt Magazine

Dave Salmoni Shirtless in Flaunt Magazine

Dave Salmoni Shirtless in Flaunt Magazine

Dave Salmoni Shirtless in Flaunt Magazine

Dave Salmoni Shirtless in Flaunt Magazine

Dave Salmoni Shirtless in Flaunt Magazine

  • DoverDavid

    I think the corset is suposed to be art, but he can drop that and some other things for me please.

  • Expat

    Dave Salmoni can wear a pink tutu, and give me an endless boner.

  • Brendan

    And the fact that he loves his gay fans makes him that much hotter.

  • Sammy

    Thank you.

  • It’s nice to see Dave do something different (he’ll be back to his manly antics soon enough, I’m sure) and to see that far down his crotch – one can only imagine …

  • oh my god, that is almost obscene. love it!

  • Wil

    Oh God, instant Hard-ON, and I thought he was cute before?! I hope this whole “rugged guys wearing corsets” Thing catches on because I have a Jake Gyllenhaal and Chris Evans dream that ends this way!

  • Paul

    Dave is HOT and these photos are extremely homoerotic in my opinion

  • vanhenry71

    yes they are Homoerotic and that one with the corset, He can wear mine any day, as long as that is ALL he is wearing!

  • Did you read the article that goes with the photo set? (I know, I actually read the articles in porn mags, too.)

    Salmoni uses this fashion shoot as an opportunity to talk about conservation and endangered animals. He probably figures that someone who would otherwise buy and wear a vintage corset might write a check for animal conservation instead if they see him in it. Very smart use on his part of another wise ridiculous situation.

    Smart, sexy, hairy chested, loves animals, loves his gay fans. He may be my next crush!

  • deon

    He’s super adorable when he’s all hyper. I’ve seen him on chelsea lately. But gosh! He’s also hot!

    Hellooooo nurse!

  • This man is so fine that I would crawl into a lions’ den to get with him.

  • Rego

    Well if we were ever wondering if he was gay or not, I think that question was just answered. Whatever hair designer did that to his hair, he or she should be shot, barf!!! And whatever photofrapher came up with that concept, honey, it has been done before. Come up with something different and we might thank you. Right now, crap pictures, crap concept and another flaming queen, “salamoni” is born.

  • Jay

    I would write a check for conservation efforts if the camera would just pan down a little…

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  • Mallory

    Now, Im a chick so maybe that’s why, but while I ADORE Dave Salmoni, these pictures aren’t particularly hot, to me. They ain’t un hot (if thats a word) either, but Ive seen him look better

  • oxjr

    the look of the series seems to be inspired by early art photos which explains the hair and the turn of the century man’s corset. You could also think of the corset as something worn to help with a fight injury. (strain in your core) as the whole series has a street boxer kinda feel. The part that amazes me is how he makes three quarter pants look manly. Whooooo hooooo.

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  • Clintty

    I could eat his nipples for breakfast-and lunch-and dinner-every day-for ever! I am physically salivating over salmoni!

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