Mah Husband Alert

Jason Sudeikis in a Tuxedo

Mah husband (that’s Jason Sudeikis for you n00bs) is looking very suave here as he slowly makes his way into my welcoming crotch… No, he’s actually doing his guest appearance on the set of “30 Rock” via ONTD, but this looks pretty much like our wedding day (it’s been a while since I took those delusional pills). I love the fact that his hair looks a little bit like mah second husband John Krasinski in a very Don Draper-esque suit, of which is my fourth husband. Oh my gravy that’s THREE IN ONE! Oh Jason, you are truly my everything and more. Also, when the hell will “A Good Old Fashioned Orgy” come out? It’s been too bloody long!

Jason Sudeikis in a Tuxedo

Jason Sudeikis in a Tuxedo

Jason Sudeikis in a Tuxedo

Jason Sudeikis in a Tuxedo

Jason Sudeikis in a Tuxedo

  • undapantsman

    *comes out of the bushes*

    helllloooooo, nurse! =D

  • Stuart

    His security guy is huge and looks like he should be carrying a machine gun and a grenade bandolier.

  • Brendan

    His security guy could so dominate him…

  • He does look fine. Gang of Four said it best, “I love a man in uniform”! And a tux is a kind of a uniform, isn’t it?

    “He slowly makes his way into my welcoming crotch….” LOL. I pictured your legs opening up like a limousine door, which is pretty cool if you think about it. You’d be like a gay transformer.

    If only we could lure handsome men in tuxedos into us like that. *sigh*

    So if you’re married to Jason Sudeikis, does that mean Will Forte is still available? (Please, please, please….)

    • @shavingfaceblogger I think Will Forte is available, but you still have to fight with at least five bitches here. Maybe less if you want the shaved version of him. Illegal!

  • i am beyond in love with this man. oh my god, hot.

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