The Truth About Josh Gates

Josh Gates Shirtless

Josh Gates is the host of SyFy’s “Destination Truth“, but the real truth is 90% of men loving population of planet earth wanted to see him shirtless! Okay, basically it’s just me and Skyler at the forum but I’m sure at least 5 more of you would (please say yes). I mean, who can say no to that ginger sprinkled cheeky smile? Instead of investigating Bigfoot, mermaids and Leprechauns — Josh should conduct a thorough investigation on why the stingy producers kept his shirt on all the time. ILLEGAL! That’s the greatest enigma of all. He has gotten a little chunky since and it’s not a bad thing. If anyone could find a shirtless picture of this fine piece of mancake (that includes stalking with a camera phone), he or she will be awarded with my morning air kiss. It’s lethal, but dangerously addictive.

Josh Gates of Destination Truth

Josh Gates of Destination Truth

Josh Gates of Destination Truth

Josh Gates of Destination Truth

Josh Gates of Destination Truth

Josh Gates of Destination Truth

Josh Gates of Destination Truth

Josh Gates of Destination Truth

Josh Gates of Destination Truth

Josh Gates of Destination Truth

  • Kevin!

    I want to sit on his lap and take directions.

  • Matty

    I can look at him…so long as he doesn’t talk. I can’t stand his voice and actually kinda find him to be a bit annoying.

    • @Matty Sadly, I agree with you. Its like Bert, Ernie and enthusiasm are having an orgy in his vocal cords. Constantly.

  • WarpedRecord

    Good Lord this man is attractive! Maybe he could get it on with Chris Pine while I watch – or better yet, I’ll get in the middle.

  • loudrockmusic

    I believe this is prime Squarehippies. This is what this site is for. THIS IS A MAN.

  • MT

    Josh is so funny! I love the show and he is one of the reasons why it’s so popular. He is rather tall. He used to be really fat (based upon is facebook page) and has now lost a lot of his weight. There is something about him that’s attractive, but I would rather see Rex, Bobby or Mike shirtless before Josh!

  • DoverDavid

    I was not aware of this man until today, I love this site for bringing me those hairy gods that I know and introducing me to ones that will one day know me.

  • @loudrockmusic and @DoverDavid: I couldn’t’ve said it better.

  • In the Masada episode last week, Rex and the others took their shirts off to hop in the Dead Sea.

    I love Josh. I love his humor and his show is way more entertaining than Ghost Hunters these days.

  • Tom

    Never heard of him or seen him before….have never seen that show. But wow what a discovery. Love a red beard on a hot masuline man. I wonder if he has red pubes!!!! Sorry I am getting off the subject (what did you think).
    Now guess I will have to find when this show is on and watch.

  • Sammy

    I’m in LOVE! Beautiful! PLEASE take it off!

  • Wow. I saw the first pic and I thought I could do it, but hey, I’m not that strong, I think I might have just died by this guy’s handsomeness.

    honest to god, a guy like this is kinda what I wish for in my life.


  • drew

    @matty n square – u know what it is about his voice? it’s like a roller coaster…the pitch goes up and down and he ALWAYS finishes his sentences with a “down” pitch…

    after a few episodes i stopped watching cos his voice was SERIOUSLY giving me headaches…

    such a shame cos he’s quite hawt…

    • @drew You made quite a point there! Also, I can’t stand that chick in his team. I guess it’s her job to freak out and scream as much as possible for the ‘suspense’ factor. Destination truth – (Josh’s voice + annoying chick) = watchable.

  • drew

    @square – the chick is there for effect (friendly reminder – we DO after all live in a hetero male world)…

    hence it’s the “oh i’m scared” crapola so that all the straight mens watching it can feel empowered…

  • JaffaAnonymous

    Oh lawdy! I have had a thing for this man since day one of the show. There needs to be more shirtless time! Any at all, really.

  • armpitluver

    mmmmm! I LOVE me some hot josh gates! i was so sad everyone else on the crew got shirtless but not josh. soooooo unfair!

  • Man, do I want to get a case of beard burn from this man!

  • Grawsome

    Tall, hairy, chunky, and funny, Josh Gates is perfection. His voice doesn’t bother me actually. I have the feeling he might be self conscious about his weight seeing has he lost quite a bit, and maybe that’s why he’s denying us all.

    By the by, he is also an archeologist, so might as well add smart to the list.

  • reese

    How I adore this man. He’s handsome, scruffy, adventurous, sexy, humorous, blond, and intelligent. I watch this show partially because I like his adventure investigations and partially because I’m hoping he’ll take off his shirt on one of his adventures.

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  • DjBlueJ54

    there was one episode when everyone except Josh decided to strip down and frolic in the black sea, and there has been more than one occasion when he donned a wet suit but would not give us even a little peek, when he took it off. He is such a hottie

  • Maybe he hasn’t de-shirted because he has some god-awful or patently offensive ink on his chest that can’t be blurred out?

  • hey boys! I’m tempted to ask Josh this on my upcoming radio special with him, even though it may ruin our professional relationship. if I ask and he answers, you better feature it on this site! *muah* <3 Amanda

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  • Shari

    I swear, gay men have The Best eye for a handsome guy! I have been attracted to Josh since the beginning. Not only to his cute, Indiana Jones type face, and his vast knowledge and globe trotting passport stamps but also LOVE LOVE LOVE his voice! I understand the comments about his voice the way it sounds, but I could listen to it all day and nite! It’s like a gentle soft purr to my ears. Josh oozes comedic coolness that is very attractive. I think if he was shirtless on this site, there would be a thousands of women all over melting to the floor along w/ the gay men – lol

  • N Jr

    He’s totally hot, and me checking to see if there is a shirtless shot is how I came to this blog. Would love to see what lays beneath the shirt. 😉

  • woof

    Thanks, thanks and thanks,,.,, this guy is hot… just found him today after your Sean Patrick Dave post… Keep the red ginger guys coming…!
    Gracias! woofl

  • NavyElle


  • Street Detective

    Josh is so fat under that shirt that his upper back is deformed by into shelves of fat

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