Guess This Treasure Trail

Who might be the owner of this wet, lightly sprinkled trail to the Big Thunder Mountain ride? You might want to focus a little harder on the answer because his shirtless pictures don’t come around often. As always, tags are the most valuable clues you can get. Guess before you adorka-click!

It’s none other than our highly treasured adorkable Kris Allen! After long months of praying to the shirtless gods, they have finally blessed us with these shirtless pictures of Kris in the Bahamas, via Just Jared. Despite the treasure trail, Kris is smooth as sin but with a cuter than cute face like that who gives a damn anymore! He’s oozing with adorkable goodness (I didn’t mean that in a dirty way – okay maybe I did). I have to point out the picture with two other guys. Were they up to something I wasn’t invited to? Hmmm… Interesting. Now let us point the paparazzis to the right direction, where they should be in the first place — Jason Sudeikis’s backyard.

Thanks to VinVin for the heads up!

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