James Caan in Lady in a Cage

James Caan Shirtless

Because my ass is a little um, distracted lately (I have excuses for everything), here is a brilliant post written by one of our longtime readers, JB about one of the classic furry Hollywood stars — James Caan. It’s actually an email, but why keep it in my inbox when it can be shared with the world? Couldn’t thank him enough for this.

I confess that James Caan has never done much for me. Clearly I need to watch more of his older films — like this one, his first credited movie role. He plays Randall Simpson O’Connell, the leader of a deranged band of thugs who break into Olivia de Havilland’s house while she is trapped in her elevator, trash the place, and generally make her life hell. When Jimmy first loosened his shirt (see first pic) giving me a nice glimpse of furry chest I thought, “Sweet, but what a tease. No way will he just take the damn thing off, not in this movie.” But he decides to shave while his lady-friend takes a bath and off it comes. And off it STAYS for a glorious ten minutes (he isn’t on screen the whole time, but the majority). Even when he gets dressed it doesn’t exactly make much difference (see last two pics). These may not be to your taste, and my feelings won’t be hurt if you just trash em. But as you recognize the glory that is the hairy chested man I thought I should share. I tried to take caps that represent his best scenes. The movie ain’t bad either. Fun in a campy, over the top way, but also quite disturbing at times. It’s easily available (by which I mean it’s Netflix-able) if you want to give it a watch.

James Caan Shirtless

James Caan Shirtless

James Caan Shirtless

James Caan Shirtless

James Caan Shirtless

James Caan Shirtless

James Caan Shirtless

  • J.B.

    No prob, Square. My pleasure. As far as thanking me goes, we’ll just say you owe me ; ) Always glad to help out.

  • DoverDavid

    Mmmmmm classic, vintage chest hair, now we know where his son gets it from, thanks for the blast from the past.

  • drew

    talk about a three way with that dilf and his son!



    I always loved that movie. It must be DUE to showup on TV again. I hope. James was never Hotter!!

  • http://twitter.com/marvelboy74 Todd R

    Oh yeah. That is yummy.

  • Skyler

    I love vintage James Caan! His son Scott’s not too bad either. Damn, the world needs more hot, hairy, masculine men like them.

  • http://www.woolsrake.com Jay Woolsrake

    Okay… so I may be a little older than the rest of this crowd, because I’ve had a major boner for James Caan since the 1970s when I was a teenager working at a movie theater, where I could sneak up to the projection booth for all of his hot shirtless scenes. He couldn’t do a movie without taking off his shirt. Rent “Cinderella Liberty” for a nice long shirtless scene. (You’ll wish you were Marsha Mason playing with his chest hair.) He’s shirtless for parts of “Roller Ball,” “Brian’s Song,” “Funny Lady,” “The Godfather” …and my boss thought I was diligent about keeping the projection booth tidy.

  • http://n/a davebottom

    i don’t care how he cums (?) in B&W or color this man can drop by my crib any time he wants—

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