Guess This Hairy Chest

Guess This Hairy Chest

I really can’t give a lot of clues for this one, the original poster should know why. If you know this guy personally AND have seen him sans shirt often enough — you might get this right (I will hate you for that). Otherwise, there’s nothing left to do except click and lick! If you look up “perfection” in my dictionary, this hunk is it.

Okay, this is one of those “Guess This Hairy Chest” game abuse by yours truly. This post should really be appropriately titled “Please Help Me Identify This Mysterious Hairy Hunk Or I’ll Go Crazy”. It’s like my dreams of having a fuzzy chested Jeff Timmons have finally come true. The humanity! Originally posted as Morning Wood today at Kenneth in the 212 (thanks for disrupting my day in a good way), I’m hating myself for not knowing this perfection of a man’s name. Knowing my readers’ vast knowledge of hot hunks out there (I’m not saying you guys are better pervs than me), would someone please put an end to my misery to I can sleep better tonight?

Update: Mystery solved. Thanks to my new best friend Fitzgerald, this mysterious hunk is Jeff Timmons Alex from Nice, France who uses the handle carhartt on To quote him in his profile,

I want to become really truly huge. I’m working out since a few years but now I want to take the step and become a true muscle monster. The base is here, but i want more. It’s a serious need. So i want meet boy who can give me tips in the grow.

Well, I don’t know about becoming a true muscle monster because he is absolutely perfect to me now — but I guess as long as he’s happy I’m happy for him too. You know what would make him happier though? Me being that ‘boy who can give me tips in the grow’. Alex dear, I grow tips and I’m good at it! More pictures from his profile follow. Swoon. If he could only just leave a comment here…

Mysterious Hairy Hunk

Alex Carhartt Shirtless

Alex Carhartt Shirtless

Alex Carhartt Shirtless

Alex Carhartt Shirtless

Alex Carhartt Shirtless

Alex Carhartt Shirtless

Alex Carhartt Shirtless

Alex Carhartt Shirtless

  • QCNiceGuy

    I agree with your assessment!

  • DoverDavid

    Hey who used my high school graduation picture without asking! 🙂

  • Fitzgerald

    His username is carhartt on

    • @Fitzgerald You. Are. Fucking. Awesome.

  • WarpedRecord

    I have to say that with each photo, I like him a little less. And he likes himself a lot more.

  • Beagz

    HOLY CRAP, Square!!! Is there nothing you can’t do????

  • I have to say, I’m with WarpedRecord on this one. Couldn’t’ve said it batter.

  • Ronald

    He’s bigger then how I like my men but he is incredibly HOT-n-SEXY!

  • John

    He has vids on Xtube of himself as well. Nice stuff.

    • Sigfrid

      Can you share his username or a video link of him, please! I love this guy!

  • Milton

    His FULL name is Alex Carhartt.That’s what came up when is “saved”, & added his picture to my favorites.

    • @Everyone When it rains, it pours! In the words of Keith Bryce, thanks buddy! That said this guy has a very healthy amount of narcissism in him. I think he looks best in the first picture. Any bigger than he would look weird and out of his normal proportion. Oh well. *off to Xtube*

  • John

    And he’s real sensitiive.

  • HUMMM ! j’aime !

  • ben

    he wants to get bigger? dysmorphia, anyone?

  • oskalf

    Hot chest!

  • Bob

    I like to see muscle guys who are not shaved. This guy is very hot to me.

  • Kaiden

    Wait.. what’s his name on xtube?

    Alex est tres mignon!

  • Frank

    Yeah… Whats his name on xtube? And is it possible that he deleted his profile on

  • Sigfried

    So whats the username in xtube?

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