Guess This Hairy Chest

Who might be the mysterious owner of this nicely shaped hairy chest? Here’s a clue — he only makes about one or two film a year and was shirtless in ALL of them. A true gift to humanity. The fuzz was recently grown though, this New York born actor was smooth as sin in a couple of his earlier films. Guess before you lick!

It’s the best of Dutch-Italian hotness Steven Strait! After “10,000 B.C” and “The Covenant”, this furry hunk’s shirtlessness is totally absent from our screens. Total emptiness. I know he’s concentrating on his music career but it’s just not fair! Thank God for “City Island”, because he knew what he’s good for and acknowledged the fact that it is mandatory for him to be shirtless whenever the film is rolling. And his Franco-esque appearance does a lot to me as well.

You know, “City Island” is exactly my kinda film — Steven is shirtless about 40% of the time and that is 20% more from my minimum limit of shirtlessness to be a ‘my kinda film’. Speaking of his trimmed chest, let’s just say you bitches (present company included) should be thankful for the skin and that the fuzz is still there. “City Island” will be released on DVD end of August this year. Thanks Gregory!

Steven Strait Shirtless in City Island

Steven Strait Shirtless in City Island

Steven Strait Shirtless in City Island

Steven Strait Shirtless in City Island

Also, for old times sake.

Steven Strait

Steven Strait Shirtless

  • DoverDavid

    I’m always like a kid at Christmas with these. I try to guess and read the clues, but the other half of me just wants to see more! He is cute, and is that Andy Garcia next to him in one of the caps? Talk about a hairy god, Mr. Garcia is definately that!

  • robertg

    Andy G. was once reading for a part and afterwards the interviewer asked him to take off his shirt, knowing about the amazing forest there. He said no, if that was part of getting the job, no thanks. And left. He is very parsimonious about hair shots. A few in some movies. And then usually an open shirt or mostly covered up in a swimming pool. There are a few teasing shots in the Godfather franchise. Any on the site? THIS
    guy is a winner. Dutch / Italian–how could you go wrong?

  • Andrew

    OMG have u seen these? Brad Goreski shirtless. So adorable

  • Milton

    Thanks for the latest post of Steven Strait. He’s the main reason I watched “The Covenant”, & “10,000 BC”.
    As I stated in the previous Steven Strait post, everyone should check out his website,The Next Big Thing-Steven Strait. Plenty of eye-catching photos of him shirtless & unshaved.
    One thing puzzles me; you state above that he’s Dutch-Italian. I trust you mean that’s his heritage, as he was born & reared in N.Y.C., in the Greenwich Village neighborhood.
    Thanks for the pics. Except for the last one, I’ve never seen any of these.

  • Thanks Square. This is the first time I’ve seen Steven with fur in tact. Only seen him in clips and stills. Was tempted to rent the prehistoric movie he was in, but it was so poorly received. I’ve got City Island in my queue – looking forward to it.

  • Gregory

    No, thank you for posting, Square. Definitely a hottie there.

  • KarmaLysing

    His voice alone makes me damp. This, on the other hand… Well… Um…

    I’ll be in my bunk…

  • Nyles

    I’ve To look into finding “City Island” when it comes on DVD as I already have “The Covenant” and “10,000 B.C” because of Hot Studly Steven Strait and his Shirtlessness in those Films


  • You had me at “shirtless about 40% of the time”. *adds to netflix queue”

  • KarmaLysing

    Justin – ROFLMAO…

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  • steve

    Yup – – works for me. I’m really developing a thing for curly head hair, too – – Very hot!

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