Jake Shears in Tetu Magazine

It has been a while since we had a (hairy) musician here, so it’s natural that Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears decorates our front page this morning. I always thought he’s a little too skinny before but in this photo spread by gay French magazine Tetu, he looks oh so fine and all kinds of adorable. Via our shirtless alliance A cause des Garçons, here are some of the shots of Jake Shears emulating some um, everyday actions. You know, eating a hotdog (second picture), standing in the rain (last one) — pretty regular stuff. I’m actually surprised that he didn’t choose to go full monty. My imagination is forever grateful though.

Jake Shears Shirtless in Tetu Magazine

Jake Shears Shirtless in Tetu Magazine

Jake Shears Shirtless in Tetu Magazine

Jake Shears Shirtless in Tetu Magazine

Jake Shears Shirtless in Tetu Magazine

Jake Shears Shirtless in Tetu Magazine

Jake Shears Shirtless in Tetu Magazine

Jake Shears Shirtless in Tetu Magazine

  • eating a hot dog and standing in the rain! I laugh hard!
    duuuude! he’s hot and I had no idea. thank you for widening my imagination!


  • Vaughan

    Uhm… nice spread, not missing the other bits since we’ve all seen his “stuff” anyway in the Scissor Sister’s DVDs…
    Now… why don’t they do a photoshoot like that with Babydaddy?

    • @Vaughan Couldn’t agree more about BabyDaddy. Someone give him a spread stat (insert your own spread jokes here)!

  • WannaBuyADuck

    What a beaut! I’d love to bury my face in those pubes. So many of today’s young people shave their pubes making their genitalia look like a 5 year-old’s. Yuk! His are delectable.
    I see a resemblance to a young Steve McQueen, especially on the Mag cover shot. Now I want to search for the SS DVDs that show his ‘stuff.’

  • DoverDavid

    I never saw his “stuff” guess I will have to try to find out which video to watch, he’s cute though.

  • KarmaLysing

    All that AND beautiful blue eyes… He can “stand in the rain” with me, any day!

  • robertg

    blurb on the magazine cover indicates: Le torride gay des Scissors Sisters.
    Literally: the hot gay of the…. Is he? Must be, unless my translating is worse than usual.

  • robertg

    maybe it’s just obvious. how many straight guys would wear those pants?
    a welcome sight no matter.

    • lena jones

      And simulate head. Yes, he is gay for reference

  • Matty

    Yes he is quite open about being gay. The song “Take Your Momma Out Tonight” is supposed to be about his coming out to his mom. As for the video scene of his penis I’ve seen that online. If I recall correctly he whips it out and around over Babydaddys head while Babydaddy is lying or sitting on a couch. It has been awhile since I’ve seen it but that is what I remember.

  • Marie Cohn

    More Translation:

    News inquest: Is there a homo corpse?

    Gay Prides: Everything on the raw.

    Voodoo: the refuge of the Haitian homos.

    Phenomenon: Glee, the musical series that the homos adore.

    My Gay Life: I put myself nude on the Internet.

  • Chad B

    Jake Shears is a prick. And I don’t mean that in a good way.

  • vanhenry71

    OWWW Honey do NOT start something you ain’t gonna finish you hottie!

  • His body hair is gorgeous, including the pubes. I guess he needs publicity for the Scissor Sisters new album.

  • Julius Seizure

    The hubby and I are on vacation and news-stands all over Paris have GIANT copies of the cover on display.

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  • Ron

    DAMN. After buying 2 of SS”s CD’s (holding the purchases off for as long as I could stand it) and seeing these pics, all of my suspicion’s were confirmed.
    Jake Shears is nothin but ONE HOT-ASS MAN. His voice, his bod, hell his EVERYTHING’ll do it for me every time I hear or see him.
    Know he’ll never play here in Sioux Falls, and I’m OK w/that. Beauty from afar’s not always a a bad thing.
    KISSES, etc. to you Jake.

  • Lost in Translation

    Marie! Zut alors! You’ve made a mistake. The headline in English would be “Is there a gay body” – as in body type…not “homo corpse!”. In french that word would be un cadavre…un corps means a (generally living) body! Thanks for the laugh though.

  • Sammy Woodhouse

    Jake Shears you are amazing, i watched you at the M.E.N last night, Anna was f**king hiarious!! We all love you JAKE SHEARS <3

    P.S. Shame our gay :'( xxx

  • lena jones

    I don’t get the “standing in the rain” one

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