More Glossy Shirtlessness

Vanity Fair World Cup Jocks

And this time it’s from a handful of soccer players; featuring Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo, Samuel Eto’o, Didier Drogba, Pato and Landon Donovan in their country colored skimpies. I approve this, because Annie Leibowitz didn’t try to make them do “artsy” poses for the June World Cup issue of Vanity Fair. Despite the absence of body hair, I would hit Kaka the hardest followed by his fellow country man Alexandre Pato. I have a feeling that one of the unholy trinity of body shaving was at work on Pato’s chest — but these days you can’t really have everything can you? Click here to watch the behind the scenes video.

Soccer Stars Shirtless in Vanity Fair

Soccer Stars Shirtless in Vanity Fair

Also, this is a perfect excuse to post this hotness below. This is totally a screen cap of my wet dream tonight!

Gary Neville and Paul Scholes Kissing

  • I’ve noticed a trend in other advertising photography to leave a little more natural body hair, especially happy trials. I’m surprised Leibowitz and Vanity Fair went “old school” full shave for this.

  • crispy

    Kaka is a fanatical born-again Christian who prays after games and has Jesus crap stitched into this cleats. Not hot at all.

  • squarebart

    Seems like I often see photos of (non American) presumably straight athletes kissing each other on the lips. Someone please explain to me WTF is the meaning of this custom? I like it. I want it to continue. But I want to understand it. oxoSB

  • Zalgo

    1. I want to smash Donovan’s backdoors in.
    2. Football slash will reign supreme. NEVILLE/SCHOLES OTP

  • saguaro

    Thank you for FINALLY (in 2010) breaking the color line on Square Hippies! I hope we’ll get more appreciation of hot men of African descent–maybe even some Middle Eastern and Asian men too?

  • Rhywun

    I watch a lot of soccer and I’ve seen kissing on the face but never the lips – and never by the manly men of Man U of all teams! Well these boys do sometimes get emotional don’t they.
    PS. Nice to see “more” of the amazing Drogba appropriately paired with Ronaldo – Drogba’s the better player now, and he looks damn fine without a shirt too. The fact that he doesn’t show off the goods all that often makes it even more attractive, in contrast to the overexposed Ronaldo, who never misses an opportunity to rip off his shirt in front of the cameras.

  • Mikey M

    I would have been happy with some hair on the chests too.
    great shoot though.

  • maxyne payne

    First of all,FKUCING HOT FUTBOL PLAYERS. Second,WHO DA BROS KISSING? Gimme more!

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