Because The World Cup Is On

If you think I was gone because of this piece of devastating news, then you know me too well. Okay, not really. My ass has been too lazy these past couple of days and that’s just about it. Since it’s the world cup season and all, I thought I’d post something related to that — in this case, extremely furry English striker Wayne Rooney from Powerade‘s “Rooney vs Rooney” commercial. It’s clear that this adorable furball (there’s a pun in there somewhere) doesn’t give a rat’s ass about body grooming and for that he earns a special place in my crotch. If this was made in the lovely US of A, he would’ve been trimmed to hell and back. Watch the commercial after the jump and thanks to Juan Felipe for the heads up!

Wayne Rooney Shirtless

Wayne Rooney Shirtless

Wayne Rooney Shirtless

Wayne Rooney Shirtless

Wayne Rooney Shirtless

Wayne Rooney Shirtless

Wayne Rooney Shirtless

  • DoverDavid

    Yummy, wish they would have World Cup locker room fotage posted for any after game fun!

  • There are certain sports I could watch for hours with the sound turned down, the way straight guys watch women’s volleyball.

    Now that you’ve introduced me to Wayne Rooney, English soccer now joins Italian soccer, rugby, Aussie -rules football, cage fighting and old Colt Studio videos.

  • Boris

    Here’s a SHINNING example of what to do with body hair; LEAVE IT ALONE!

  • robertg

    just when you think he couldn’t be any hotter, then these caps. Well, alrighty then!

  • wow



    oh the dirty thoughts that are going through my mind.

  • Tom

    This is a real man….the kind of man one would love to service!!!
    HOT, HOT , HOT!!!
    Now I need to go cool off

  • robertg

    Sorry, Ben C., move over.

  • Rob

    I love Rooney! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Julia

    Any way you can get a topless picture of Fernando Muslera? He’s so elusive! Would be really great if you could though 😉

  • JJ

    I realize this is late… but you should check out the Swiss goalie.. he is very good looking.

  • @JJ What’s on mah husband’s forehead. It’s not my name is it? (Please let it be my name)

  • doug

    that’ll teach him! ha He’ll probably never hear the end of that! this tiny bit of hair on his collar is a tease of his unshaven chest

  • skeeter121

    damn that rooney one hot str8 man………love all that hair….he is all man….dirty thoughts running through my head.

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