Ben Bass in Rookie Blue

A new show like ABC’s “Rookie Blue” is something that I would never watch in a million years, but thank the shirtless gods for someone like Groopii for sitting through that mess for us. “Rookie Blue” (sounds like a new title from Falcon Studios) is basically about five young cops who are just graduating out of the academy. Are you still with me, because I’m falling asleep. While I can almost guarantee that they will at some point manipulate the likes of Gregory Smith and Travis Milne to jack up the ratings, here are some caps of furry, Alfred Molina-esque Ben Bass from the pilot.

Ben Bass Shirtless

Ben Bass Shirtless

Ben Bass Shirtless

Ben Bass Shirtless

Ben Bass Shirtless

Ben Bass Shirtless

Ben Bass Shirtless

Ben Bass Shirtless

Ben Bass Shirtless

  • DoverDavid

    I had no plans on watching this show either because I could already think of the story lines. But if Mr. Bass goes shirtless enough, I might have to tune in, or at least wait for any hairy pic’s of him to show up here. 🙂

  • I started to watch this but turned if off because it was BAAAADDDD and I missed this scene. Thank you for posting it because I won’t be tuning back in.

  • Insight

    great body, but I’m not so drawn by his face… kinda unappealing to me.

  • squarebart

    Oh I like the not quite handsome and he is just that! Lovely guy.

    I gave this show about three minutes* and thought “Grey’s Anatomy for cops!” And GA is now just a soap opera at best…

    *You don’t have to eat the whole meal to know what it tastes like.

    oxo SB

  • Kyle Michel Sullivan

    I love his big,dark, hurt eyes. They bring out the Papa in me.

  • I recently saw him on a Canadian thriller called Last Exit, and I was wondering if I could see him shirtless, so thanks Square!

  • Big Dave

    I watched the show because it was the only thing on that was new. The show was dull and predictable, but I had to stop, rewind, and replay in slow-mo when he took his shirt off. I think he will have an affair with one of the female rookies in future episodes, so look for frequent shirtlessness.

  • Milton

    First saw this Canadian hunk, who’s a dead-ringer for being Jordan Bridges’s half brother, on the last season of Queer As Folk. He was the last known boyfriend of the one who got hooked on meth. Excuse me, but I’ve gotta go & imagine myself in the middle of a Jordan Bridges/Ben Bass(God, even his name is sexy)sandwich.

  • isoron

    I am not as picky as you gurls. There is so much dreck – please tell me you are not watching Huge because of the “GAY FAV” fat girls!! This looks like a totally shallow guilty pleasure! Now “Good Guys” is total crap.

  • John

    This armpit pic is so erotic and natural and I’m hot for this man – thanks for sharing !!

  • Jon

    The show isn’t that bad actually

  • amy

    I hope their are plenty more episodes of him shirtless. Thank you Ben Bass.

  • Jody

    I started watching the show.. I did’nt think much of the show either but after a few shows i’m addicted.. Also thx to this guy.. Typt in Ben Bass in my google list and geuss how I found this website..
    Watch episode 7.. If you think he’s kinda hot.. You’ll love the end scene..

  • barb

    Great show…love the chemistry between Ben & Missy..hope it keeps going strong. Ben bass is so fine!

  • BennyTattoo

    They only ever show his right shoulder when he’s shirtless. He has a little tattoo of SOMETHING on his left shoulder that they alway intentionally hide. I wonder what it is … Obviously it is something that doesn’t fit in with his character, otherwise they wouldn’t have a problem showing it. In episode 07, hot and bothered, you can just barely see it at the scene in the end.
    Maybe like a girls name or something? or some religious thing? I’m curious!

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