Guess This Fuzzy Chest

You’d never guessed which young actor this wet, lightly fuzzy chest belongs to. This pretty boy was taking a break from work AND the razor in the pictures follow. This is good news for follicle fans and now I’m beginning to wonder what would the chest looks like if he stays off the devil’s tools for a month. I’d say the hotness will be off the charts. Guess before you click!

Put your best mascara on, because you’re in the presence of the pretty Zac Efron! Maybe it’s wet, or maybe it’s high resolution — but I hardly noticed he had some fuzz on his chest before. Homeboy should really let it grow and will consequently convert some people (I’m talking about me). Here is a wet Zac having some fun in the water with his brother Dylan in Maui, via the awesome Just Beautiful Men.

Zac Efron Shirtless in Maui

Zac Efron Shirtless in Maui

Zac Efron Shirtless in Maui

Zac Efron Shirtless in Maui

Zac Efron Shirtless in Maui

  • Stuart

    So much better looking when he’s not wearing as much make up as Tammy Faye Baker.

  • len

    dylan is 10X hotter then zac.

  • Daknee

    Oh ya, this is one guy who should never shave! I like his more manly mature look compared to his teen persona

  • Me

    I don’t think he was shaving, I think it’s just now coming in!

  • DoverDavid

    Maybe he never shaved, not that I know one way or another. Sometimes people hit puberty at different stages and maybe this is just what is growing in as of now. Guess we will have to see if it vanishes from this point forward.

  • my two cents on the subject of the ever stunningly pretty
    Zac’s chest hair.

    1.i’m hedging the bet since there’s very little to begin with
    we’re only seeing said chest hair now because none of
    the other dripping wet walking on the beach photos have
    been in HD. just a thought.

    2.on the other side to reiterate a fellow poster’s thought Zac is
    22 so its highly possible its only now showing itself. my Master’s
    Degree isn’t in human anatomy but is it possible a guy’s chest
    hair wouldn’t show itself till he’s 22?

  • Servonut

    I can vouch for the late bloomer theory, the follicle faerie didn’t smack me in the chest until I turned 23. So lets just hope this is a beginning of a more mature looking Zac.

  • theduckhunter

    Love the hair and chest WOOF

  • Rad

    Wow! Zac has always been incredible CUTE, but now that he’s looking more mature, he is absolutely GORGEOUS! Here’s hoping that the chest hair is here to stay, because he wears it WELL! And Dylan is not to bad either! Delicious, both of them.

  • Sigrid Elise :)

    I guessed right 😀
    And I’m happy that Zac is getting older.

  • Marie Cohn

    These shots are the cover story in this week’s PEOPLE mag.

  • Word off advice, Zac. Keep the chest hair, lose the mousse on your hair.

  • danny

    His brother is way better looking than him. I never even knew he existed, but now I’m glad I do. What a hottie.

  • Beagz

    HOLY CRAP!! Never woulda guessed Zac!

  • Justin

    God damn he is gorgeous.

  • Um, Dylan isn’t half as buff as Zac… just sayin.

  • OhhYess

    No makeup. Zac is manly, hot, sexy, and everything good about life. 🙂 I can’t stop looking at him. My eyes literally don’t shut while I look at pictures of him. I’m hypnotized by his sexiness and sex appeal. Hot.

  • Kyle Michel Sullivan

    I never thought I’d think he’s a beautiful man — he always seemed like a perpetual twink — but these photos have changed my opinion, bigtime. He is becoming a classic.

  • Milton

    OK, To all who complained that Zac was too young & twinkish,Look at him now! All I have to say to ya’ll is…SSHHHHH!!No,no,really…SSHHHH.

  • to Squarehippies-

    i do agree that the little amount of chest hair makes Zac a lot sexier.
    but as to your comment about you hoped he’d lay off the razor for a
    month and see what developed. i asked a good friend of mine who
    works in the medical field and he stated that considering Zac is 22
    and will 23 this Oct. the extant of chest hair evident in the new photos is
    more than likely as much as it will ever get even if he lay down the
    razor for a month.

  • Jamie

    Never mind Zac, I’ll take his brother! Cutie! As for Zac, I am loving the more manly look. Some guys’ chest hair doesn’t grow out until the mid-20s. I have a couple of buddies who were like that. Let’s hope he isn’t done.

  • The Wire Hanger

    Holy crap! I was looking at his beautiful chest when I noticed he’s also got a terrific treasure trail coming in! And yeah, he’s now looking mature enough for me not to feel guilty about the dirty things I want him to do to me. Also, yes, his brother is terribly cute as well.

    The Wire Hanger

  • a little edgy

    These are scorching pix. ZE has the sort of looks that will age well, if he can break out of the teen-idol straightjacket.

    Also – and, tho’ it may be silly, this actually does matter to me – he seems nice. So many young actors are full of themselves or busy pretending to be rebels or both; in the interviews I’ve seen (all of them recent because I barely knew who he was until a year ago), Efron has been relatively down-to-earth, funny, and upbeat, with a sense of humor about himself. I think that’s sexy, too.

  • really not into boys, but i like his brother!


  • HotRod

    At first I thought he clipped it as it looks kinda trimmed, but I actually think it might just be that it’s only coming in now (a somewhat late bloomer).

    Did you notice that in the movie “17 Again” he had very thick underarm hair? I think that most men who shave their chests would certainly trim their underarm hair too (not completely shave it, but somewhat lessen it).

    Also, he has quite a bit of stomach hair now – a thick happy trail. I think men who trim their chests also trim down their happy trials, don’t they?

    By the way, has anyone noticed that Brad Pitt has suddenly started to sport a slight trace of chest hair in his 40’s?

  • Bob Smith

    I love all of his hair. I esepecially love it when it gets thick. I want to do sooooooooooooooo many bad things to that fine hunk of man. He should never shave his body again.

  • Harry

    I’ve seen fuzzier peaches, but he is kinda cute.

  • O.o

    Brad Pitt is a shaver, he did not start to sprout hair in his 40’s, trust me.  And Zac Efron did shave, but he’s letting it grow out at the moment. He’s changing his look… well at least I think he is.

  • robertg

    KMac: thanks!

  • i think dylan efron is really cute and dylan does need to go to the gym a bit more and then he will catch up to his brother zac other than that he really is so cute. 🙂

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  • zac1fan

    YUUUMMMMMMM…I Think He looks Hotter with the chest Hair,He looks more mature that is THE HOTTEST MAN ALIVE!!!!!I dont care if he has a hairy Dick either,ITS ZAC!!!!He dick must be HUGE!!I Woud Fuck That

  • Dylan Efron

    For all you who called me hot thanks. For all you who said I need to go to a gym, I’ll tell the others a secret about Zac that will suprise you.Here it is (he stopped wearing tidie widies when he was 17)

  • Dylan Efron

    Don’t go posting this on facebook or whatever and say his brother told you. He will kill me if he is strong enough.

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