More Bradley Cooper Skin from The A-Team

Bradley Cooper Shirtless in The A-Team

From “The A-Team” theatrical trailer, we already know that there will be at least one shirtless scene of hairy perfection Bradley Cooper. Via Superherofan, Yahoo has a clip from the film featuring BCoop’s heavily forested pits. Now if it’s any indication, “The A-Team” will be filled with skin scenes. Just hope that we get to see the likes of Patrick Wilson, Liam Neeson or even Dirk Benedict sans shirt as well. And it’s a well known offense to mother nature if they don’t get Brian Bloom to lose his as well. Watch the shirtlessness in motion after the jump, but you know you want to go HD on that!

Bradley Cooper Shirtless

Bradley Cooper Shirtless

Bradley Cooper Shirtless

Also, here’s what you’ve been thinking for the last 10 seconds. And you’re welcome.

Bradley Cooper Shirtless

  • DoverDavid

    **sigh** so near yet so far. Nice pit shot though!

  • His pits are beautiful. Everything on this man is beautiful.

  • KarmaLysing

    I’ve lusted after this man since he stripped to the waist (whilst all sweaty and such) in an early episode of “Alias”.

    I think they couldn’t have re-cast Face any better. And I’d like to add my sincere hope that the entire male cast loses clothing at some point in the movie. (Including the extras, based on the two in the clip).

  • WarpedRecord

    Someday they’ll perfect the scratch-and-sniff technology on the Internet, and my life will be complete.

  • JuanCarlos

    Thank you Square!!!!!! this man is so HOT, the beautiful eyes, the perfect body, the chest hair, the scruff, the smile, oh god!! I’m having one!!!!!!!

  • LoLa

    “Someday they’ll perfect the scratch-and-sniff technology on the Internet, and my life will be complete.”
    bahahaha yesplz

  • Chelsea


  • Rhywun

    I’m totally not into hair but on him it works – moderate and natural. But the face and the bod and those eyes sure work. I’ve only seen him in “Midnight Meat Train” which was decent but more memorable thanks to his presence. Nice to put a name to the face. And while I’m very much drawn to those pics above of him all grinning and sexily manipulating whatever that thing on his head is, it’s sadly not enough to make me want to watch The A Team. Please find some better roles 🙂

  • Jason_M

    Watched A-Team last night on the teevee On Demand and this is EXACTLY the scene that just sent me over — ze pits! ze pits!

  • Vintage Joy

    wow…. ♥ ♥ ♥ HOT HOT

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