How Does This Make You Feel?

Speaking of getting rid of ALL your body fat, here are some quick caps of one of my used to be lust materials of all time (aka lock the door, spare some tissues material), Ben Affleck from the theatrical trailer of “The Town” of which he has written and directed himself. It’s from the studio that brought us “The Departed” so I guess they’re trying to recreate this scene. Usually the sight of Ben sans shirt gives me all kinds of tingles but he just doesn’t do it for me anymore. “The Town” also has mah husband in a role that hopefully will last more than 5 minutes on screen. It’s a crime I tell you. A damn crime!

Ben Affleck Shirtless in The Town

Ben Affleck in The Town

Ben Affleck in The Town

Ben Affleck in The Town

Jon Hamm in The Town

  • michaelSATX

    Saw this preview at Inception.  It looks good and Ben still gives me all kinds of tingles and Jon too.

  • KarmaLysing

    Speaking of Yo’ Husband, he has an ucredited cameo in the last five minutes of “The A-Team”. Which is a really, really fun, stupid film, btw.

  • robertg

    Ben who?

  • don’t like him this way too. i like my ben big and beary.

  • DoverDavid

    It makes me feel that I still like Ben and can see why, but the malnurished, seeing of the ribs look is something I can do without.

  • redcat

    Jon Hamm grows a fantastic beard off-stage! Why shaving, ever?

  • Studhunter

    Looks like Ben is begininng to age a little.

  • rickg

    What is it with the malnourished look… the latest trend. It really ages a person. We need a little padding. Ben is a great looking guy, but this look doesnt do it for him. But, i still think he’s great. Guess i just like my guys with a little bit of “meat” on em. Oh well.

  • Optilux

    This can’t be Ben Affleck… It must be some kind of clone with an eating desorder.
    Hell: he looks SICK. Look at his face!
    Ok to loose a bit of weight, but this is silly.

  • Chris in Irvine

    Ben was my first “husband”.  Then it was Jake G. and now is Bradley C.  But Ben looks good there…Those are not ribs, those are muscles!  And if he just let the hair grow on his chest…Yummy!

  • theduckhunter

    Killer abes I would love to have but not make love too

  • JuanCarlos

    this is a gorgeus man, but this time he looks to thin!! I love him with a few pounds on and  that delicious beard of him (I recommend the use of Botox, just a little)

  • J

    And what does Matt think of all this? Does he like his Ben with all the cobbles on his tummy?

  • robertg

    “wrote and directed” that’s one way to get back into the movies.  even if you do look like an escapee from a refugee camp.  Pix:  Acting class #5 emotional expression: “I’m really serious here, folks.” Ben, after “Gigli”, there’s not a lot of hope for redemption.

  • len

    His face is not aging that well, I do not dig the gray, but good GOD that body is a pleasant surprise.

  • Cameron


  • Ewww not a good look for Mr. Affleck. The hottest thing(s) I saw at the theater this weekend: Tom Hardy as Mr. Eames in ‘Inception’ (O M G those lips and that stubble), and the HUGE cardboard display for the ‘Expendables’: Steve Austin, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, etc. in live-size cardboard glory. Mmm Mmm!

  • I think it’s Ben’s struggle with the beginnings of getting older.  He’ll settle down after a while, then later get fat; it’ll be lovely.
    And hey Zizzy, if you like Tom Hardy, you’ve probably seen Charles Bronson.  The man is an actor.×673.jpg

  • Zardorian

    Hello, these are photos of a CHARACTER he is playing in what is supposed to be a rough and gritty film. Did it ever occur to any of you that he might not want the character to look like the pin up perfect Ben most of you seem to crave?
    Also, these photos from the film were probably from about six to twelve months ago depending on when it was shot. You know movies don’t come out immediately after shooting.
    Has anyone thought to dig up any current photos of him in real life? If not, you might want to rethink some of your comments about how YUK, ewwww, and yurgh he looks.
    Again, this is a character in a movie, not the person. Show me a number of  photos of him NOW in real like that look as haggard, rough and bony as these, and I’ll happily retract my statements.
    Oh, and about his age. We all age. Get over it, and get off my lawn!

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