McFly Does Attitude, Again

The cheeky lads of British boyband McFly are known for parading themselves in their birthday suits, so this comes as no surprise to me. Attitude, British prime gay rag is known for stripping celebrities for their covers — so put those two together and we have a match made in my crotch’s heaven. Gone are the days of boybands posing in their swim shorts half immersed in the pool and you have to fight for the last copy of Tiger Beat with that other fangirl for that centerfold poster. It’s good to be teenagers in this internet age, isn’t it? Just when you think that new boyband is cute… BAM! They’re naked in a gay magazine enacting your wildest fantasies. I’m 100% sure there will be no peen in the spread, but if firm buttocks are adequate for you, get the latest issue of the magazine on stands now. In other news, my ass is still um, patiently waiting for Robson Green‘s turn. It has been TOO FUCKING LONG.

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