Smooth As Sin, But Who Cares

Here’s THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN IN THE WORLD, Matt Bomer in a wet t-shirt. And that is saying a fucking lot. Via ONTD, his pecs are telling me to dry them off with my tongue. They also told me to go back and watch the first season of “White Collar”. My doppelganger at Entertainment Weekly has done me proud. 

  • eben

    without the shirt i would love it even more 🙂

  • Boris

    He is handsome, I’ll admit it, but he would be better with less shirt and more hair on his chest!

  • Brendan

    I’m in lust…

  • I’m seeing stars *_*

  • I’m a big fan of Matt and “White Collar.” He has that sweet, piercingly handsome face, and I don’t even mind that his chiseled physique is smooth (yes, I make an exception in Matt’s case). His show is very engaging, and he exudes chemistry with each cast member, especially Tim DeKay.

    What a bonus for us that he’s gay, though not “officially” out. 🙁

  • bcooper

    bomer = boner

  • Daknee

    He looks GOOOD! Hair or not.

  • yummmm!

  • wmassguy

    He’s no Kyle Bornheimer. You can have this one. I’ll keep Kyle.

  • Empress

    I watched him when he was on “Guiding Light” and there was a scene where he was not only shirtless…*gasp* he was in tighty whities!!! Good news is there is a screen cap or two of him. Go to Shrine to the Soap Hunks. Scroll to his name and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page that says, “Shirtless Collage, in undies” there are two of them. Check him out……

  • to Squarehippies-
    i do agree with you that Matt is both quite beautiful and masculinely
    super sexy at the same time but and this is a big BUT. its a bit of a turn
    off for me when a hot young actor comes out than when he makes it
    big no longer wants to talk about said coming out. once you’ve come
    out why push any discussions of it to the back burner?

  • Pickle

    Pretty sure Matt never officially came out prior to White Collar. It wasn’t until after WC did those photos of him kissing another guy leak. And unlike most of us here, we don’t have contracts or networks weighing heavy on our shoulders. He’s never denied being gay in interviews, but appears to prefer keeping his private life private.

  • JuanCarlos

    this guy is HOT as hell!!!!!!!

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