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As I have to put my dream of seeing a gloriously hairy chest in 3D away in a dark place, one must have to be content with the above. This hot piece right here goes by the name of Rick Malambri, and since he’s not famous enough to have his own Wikipedia page — I would safely assume that  he has done a lot of modeling and small roles in films and TV before. These are from the theatrical trailer of “Step Up 3D” (non-3d version is also available), and it will be released on August 6th across the US and the UK. Channing Tatum, Robert Hoffman and now Rick Malambri. Is there any chance for a hairy dancer to survive at all? How long the shirtless scene(s) will last is the question, but any film with the male lead prettier than the female is worth my retinal torture time. And hey, it’s in fucking 3D!

Rick Malambri

Rick Malambri Shirtless

Rick Malambri Shirtless

Rick Malambri Shirtless

Rick Malambri Shirtless

Rick Malambri

Rick Malambri

Rick Malambri

Because I’m a mind reader, you’re welcome.

Rick Malambri Shirtless

  • DoverDavid

    Eh, he gets the old pass from me.  Just my opinion.

  • Pickle

    He’s not bad looking, kind of generic.  I like that he has a nice body, not amazing, yet still has some cute mini love handles in that pose.

  • Though he’s young and too hairless, I like much what I see here. Will keep an eye on him.

  • WannaBuyADuck

    He’s OK, but he ain’t Channing Tatum or Robert Hoffman.   That said, I wouldn’t throw him out of bed for eating crackers.

  • Pickle

    Robert Hoffman is hotter, but current Channing Tatum looks like ass.

  • Complex

    Square.. You can see all of an actor’s credits on I hope I don’t sound stupid by telling you something you already know… but by the “no Wikipedia page” comment, it seems like u may not know.
    But anyway…. yeah he is HOOTTT!!! Not really my type, but I drool over him every time I see the preview on TV. The STEP UP franchise really knows how to pick ’em.

  • thebigham

    He’s an awful actor.

  • Big Dave

    The treasure trail leads me to believe that his natural state is more hirsute.  We can only hope.  Anyway, he is definitely worthy of a masturbation fantasy or two.

  • jonesin

    not BAD, but nothing great either. i like how he didn’t feel the need to be super buff or have like no body fat. i like normal men :-p

    also, 3D is a horrible horrible fad that needs to die!

    • @jonesin I agree with you 100%. It’s a lame excuse to jack up the ticket price!

  • Tracker

    Honestly, he has way hotter moments in the movie than in the preview. He has a really nice habit of peeling his wifebeater off throughout the film.

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  • Lacy Rayburn

    Oh my gosh! He’s fine and hes got the perfect body. He’s really hot in his movie step up 3. Omg. keep it up baby/

  • The Guy

    looks like hes getting an orgasm. sooooo hot!

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