A Little Exploitation in White Collar

Since yesterday was all about hair, let’s make today a body-hair free one. But only today, because I really couldn’t survive without looking at a gloriously hairy chest for more than 24 hours. With that note, here are some shirtless caps of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN IN THE WORLD, genetic lottery winner Matthew Bomer (no ‘boner’ jokes please) from this week’s episode of “White Collar” capped by Superherofan. Mainstream perfection! The only complaint I have about this one is there’s not enough exploitation going on. Illegal!

Matthew Bomer Shirtless

Matthew Bomer Shirtless

Matthew Bomer Shirtless

Matthew Bomer Shirtless

Matthew Bomer Shirtless

Matthew Bomer Shirtless

Matthew Bomer Shirtless

Matthew Bomer Shirtless

Matthew Bomer Shirtless

  • i agree with Squarehippies.  Matthew B. is if not the most
    beautiful man in the world certainly one of the top five
    candidates. now i’m not perfect so  i should make comments
    but it bothers me when a *hot* young actor comes out but
    then when he hits it big doesn’t want to talk said coming out.

  • Daknee

    MB is one of the most beautiful men I’ve seen in awhile on TV. He’s beautiful yet masculine, hair or not.  I have to say too his body is looking better this season than his first.  He has more muscle on his lean frame, he’s more defined.  I look forwad seeing him each week.

  • Jeff

    as beautiful as MB is, and he’s extremely handsome, I just want to feed him.  If the camera is adding 10 lbs. to that image, the poor boy must be starving to death.  Please, Matty eat something, and try to keep it down this time.

  • Mikey M

    He was out at one point and then running back in when he started to get noticed in Hollywood. What a shame.

  • KarmaLysing

    You’re correct, Square. There is not NEARLY enough exploitation going on, either here OR in “The Glades”. I mean, COME ON…

  • to Squarehippies- i agree with my fellow posters that
    Mathew B. is stunningly masculinely beautiful but and
    this is a big but. as my fellow poster said in seconding
    my original comment i find it quite sad per se when a
    hot actor comes out than when he hits it big shuts the
    closet door again.

  • Milton

    Matthew Bomer should take a page from Neil Patrick Harris’s book, & not worry about his career, since he WAS out, prior to his rising success. Yes, it’s easy for everyone to sit back & say to stay out of the closet, but  NPH has proven that you can be out, and still have a profitable career in Hollywood, today. In fact, while I think that Matthew is sexy, I still prefer NPH, whether  Matthew is out are not.

  • DoverDavid

    I guess I don’t see it, he’s ok looking to me.

  • redcat

    His teeth are weird. It’s like they used a shark’s veneers.

  • Geoff

    Matt Bomer is perfection and a class guy all the way.He doesn’t need to come out, lives his life openly on his terms.Any comparison to NPH is orientation alone as Bomer is superior looking obviously (to all) and superior talent with much more to lose than NPH.NPH is great at ensemble, Glee, award roles,Bome ron his way to much higher leads.

  • SkipLA

    Funny,I see this beautiful man,wedding ring on,with his lovely family out all of the time.All know his story,he just doesn’t hawk his personal life like others.And if you can believe,better looking in person and actually quite substantial to the concerned person above regarding weight issues.I think we are all so used to seeing obesity that when someone,especially a guy has a killer bod we find it unusual.Either that or jealosy I guess.

  • Benjamin

    Unreal the comments on weight, teeth, etc. Typical queens. If you look in the dictionary under the word perfection there should be a picture of Matt. We should all be so lucky to look as good on our very best day in life as Matt likely looks first thing in the morning on a bad day.

  • robertg

    I’ve always wanted to know what a “typical queen” was.  So, I would assume any comment that doesn’t agree with yours, Benjamin, would be made by a “typical queen”?  These are just that, comments, opinions, momentary thoughts, and not personal slurs.  If taken that way, every user would be “insulted” at one time or another here.  We agree to disagree, we don’t use “typical” anythings, unless someone decides to go on a personal attack tangent–that has happened, and it’s sad, takes a small mind.  In your usage, “queens” certainly means the word to be derogatory.  There are homophobic homosexuals.   I think you just made a slip here, Benjamin.  You’re forgiven.

  • Benjamin

    @robertg – Thanks, but don’t need your forgiveness, no slip at all. I’m an out and proud gay man who get’s tired of petty blog posts regarding, in this case, an actor’s personal appearance who is actually nearly flawless.Hence the discription of ‘typical’ bitchy folk ragging anonymously on others…we all know the type whether we admit it or not.

  • redcat

    Benjamin, are you familiar with the Internets, especially blogs?
    Of course I’m not as handsome as his little toe. Still, in a post that praises his perfection, I wanted to express that perfection doesn’t exist. BTW I wasn’t even aware of the rumors about him being gay.

  • Cliff

    All I can say is thank god for this dream boat.He is a gift for all of us to enjoy.

  • KarlNYC

    I always loved Zack Levy’s quote on him.Something like ‘god was in his best mood ever as god the day he created the bomer.’

  • robertg

    well, Benjamin, you certainly said a mouthful there.  My “forgiveness” was a facetious remark, sorry you didn’t get that.  You can be an out and proud gay man, that’s admirable, but being irked about something like this doesn’t prove much about that, at least to my way of thinking. Whether I know “the type” or not,  I’m hardly offended by who does and who doesn’t like some guy one way or another.  The world doesn’t spin on its axis due to something that trivial.  On this site, criticisms abound.  It’s all in how you do it.  Humor helps.  Just curious, are you a registered user?  If not, you should be, the forums are great, but lots and lots of opinions there, too.  Requires thicker skin and a sense of blog manners.   Eventually, our moderators won’t put up with pettiness after it gets out of hand.  Matt Bomer is a beautiful man, but not my type.  That remark doesn’t require criticism, it just “is”.  Vive la difference!   

  • Dan

    The guy is too hot for words!

  • An Atypical Queen

    Benjamin on August 23rd, 2010 at 9:51 am wrote: “Unreal the comments on weight, teeth, etc. Typical queens. If you look in the dictionary under the word perfection there should be a picture of Matt.”

    Gee whizz, Benjamin, if only my dictionary was as sophisticated and intellectually demanding as yours! My dictionary contains merely written English.

    And it don’t have no pictures neither!

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  • johncyna

    MB is so hot. I remember him from Guiding Light. Has the best legs ever. Nice and hairy.

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