A Real Life Ken Doll!

I have to look at these shots of blond “Weeds” hunk Hunter Parrish twice to make sure he is a real breathing human being. If you’re like some people (not me, honest) and had at least 3 Ken dolls in your collection and one being constantly shirtless tucked underneath your mattress, then you would appreciate this post. Here’s Hunter Parrish giving his best ‘blue steel’ (also known as constipated chic) look for Markt Beauty. Face, face, face! I give face! When you have a fine piece of beef like this one on the set, the only thing to do is to remove all his unnecessary clothing and shoot from all angles possible (with the camera, you dirty slut!). Enough of these rubbish tease shots! When will these people ever learn?

Hunter Parrish for Markt Beauty

Hunter Parrish for Markt Beauty

Hunter Parrish for Markt Beauty

Hunter Parrish for Markt Beauty

Hunter Parrish for Markt Beauty

Hunter Parrish Shirtless for Markt Beauty

  • Gorgeous…. blue eyes always nice.  Smooth, yes, but still gorgeous 🙂

  • OhhYess

    I almost came. Almost. If the clothing was off, it would have happened.

  • shaun

    he’s repulsively attractive and obnoxiously gorgeous.
    i want a man not a mannequin

  • DoverDavid

    Eh I’m not overly impressed…..next.

  • i met Hunter at the stage door after seeing SPRING
    AWAKENING the fall of 2008. he is soooo sweet in
    person. also where exactly are these photos from?
    a magazine?

  • gad1n10

    I’d have never guessed that was him. God he looks plastic here. What a waste of his Hotness. Remember the scene of him chowing down on his bosslady at the bakery? That was quite a shot ;P

  • robertg

    first pic: “Hunter sheds his boyish look—and his shirt….”  False advertising!  As for him, Square, he’s not up to your standards in any possible way.  Vanilla, Wonder Bread, expressionless–well, except for the one in all the pics.  As for Ken doll, do you suppose he’s anatomically correct?   meh.

  • Mallory

    I think Hunter is a knockout. However, this super Ken doll shoot is pretty grotesque. I mean he’s a pretty boy to be sure, but I’ve seen him look not quite so molded-plastic. 

  • redcat

    He’s just one of the best looking men on tv ever.

  • hai, shun..me i have ur number?

  • denny

    Especially since he had his toofies (fangs!) fixed, Hunter is the ideal, beautiful, almost-perfect Male. I hope he thanks his ancestors for the fantastic genes he’s inherited (and that’s where your looks come from, everybody – YOU have little to do with it)

    I’m a big Homo, but I don’t even imagine him to be anything but 100% Hetero. The “too pretty to be Straight” talk is just nonsense.

  • BOB

    Hunter is now staring on Broadway in the revival of Godspell.
    Don’t wait get your tickets now.

  • BOB

    Hunter is now appearing on Broadway in the revivial of GodSpell.
    Beat the crowds, Get Your Tickets Now.
    Enjoy The Aclaimed Show.

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