How Could You Not Watch THIS?

James Wolk Shirtless in Lone Star

Blasphemy! If you look into James Wolk’s eyes and not wanting to have his babies, then there must be something wrong with your libido and should have it checked. In my skin-biased opinion, Fox’s “Lone Star” is the best thing that happened to television since this. Therefore, I’m doing the best I can to save this awesome show from being canceled by tantalizing you guys with these shirtless caps of James from the second episode. It’s impossible for someone Eric Hanson-ish like James Wolk gets ratings lower than perfect. Yes, the storyline is like staring at boiled cabbage to me but that’s not important. The only thing that matters is salivating over his furry chest every week! Now get up on your asses and tune to the series next week, because I can almost guarantee there will be more generosity coming from this fine piece. Save “Lone Star”, save James Wolk’s shirtlessness!

Thanks to Axel for the heads up!

James Wolk Shirtless in Lone Star

“IT POURS” is right.

James Wolk Shirtless in Lone Star

James Wolk Shirtless in Lone Star

James Wolk Shirtless in Lone Star

James Wolk Shirtless in Lone Star

  • WarpedRecord

    This man is so good-looking, so perfect in every way, that it’s just plain depressing. So I guess that’s why I can’t watch “Lone Star.”

  • Mallory

    Yeah, James is gorgeous and I don’t throw that word around often. Perfect blending of cute and blackout-inducing sexy. Oh……man………ahem.

  • jonniboipnoi

    But it’s already been cancelled. ( ,-_-)

  • Skyler


    Fox 41? You in Kentucky, Square?

  • DoverDavid

    Now if I can just find out if he feels, smells and tastes as good as he looks.

  • TooBoot

    Nope. Won’t be watching. As hot as this guy is, I will not support any shows about that horrible state or that are filmed in that crappy, Republican, bigotted, backward state. Good luck to Mr. Wolk. Maybe someday he’ll be part of something worth watching.

  • mt

    My god this man is beyond smokin’ hot and sexy and fine, but man that show is a snoozer! I don’t see it lasting long. But keep the screen caps comin’!!

  • Great … now I can’t stand up … that’ll teach me to open this site when I’m at work 😉

  • Not only is it already canceled, but they aren’t planning on airing the three episodes they have already filmed. Next week it Lie To Me will be airing in its stead.

  • tom in dallas

    I am always upset when I invest time in a brilliant show that is cancelled. I like smart shows with beefcake. I do think that we will be seeing a lot more of Mr. Wolk in the future.

    I guess TooBoot will have to miss “My generation, Chase, The Good Guys, and Friday Night Lights” too. I would suggest that he boycott the sponsors of Fox News, it would be more productive.

  • Daknee

    Canceled already!! WOW! Better now than when I get involved with it. I have to say I only saw parts of the second episode. Only to see this handsome actor. He reminds me of a young Kyle Chandler.

  • jay

    why are you posts no longer in .jpeg format????? I can’t save theses.

  • Ray

    Flew out to Denver a couple weeks ago……..and was entertained by having the first episode repeat continually all the way to Denver….and I never got tired of looking at this hot man and his hairy chest. The plot line sucked….but the barechest made up for it……………!!

  • Can’t believe Fox cancelled this one so quickly. Wolk is a star in the making and the show is fun. Maybe it should have been done for cable (with even more skin!)

  • Dewey Mee

    LOVE Wolk’s SEXY body!!!!! Hopefully, he’ll be employed again and undressed for the cameras again soon. The premise of “Lone Star” seemed terrible.

  • Prediction: tho LoneStar has failed, Wolk will work without a break. We will see more and more of him (in every sense, I hope) in the future.

    I would say “mark my words,” but it’s just such an easy prediction! Staytunedyea! oxoSB

  • william Bennett

    Thanks for your posts on this show, Square. Like you, I saw James Wolk on the Hallmark Channel and was captivated by his appearance and performance as an aspiring teacher with Tourette’s Syndrome. You alerted us to his new series, too, and I have watched two episodes so far. It reminds me of “Dallas” and doesn’t seem to have the most interesting plot line, but I’m sure Mr. Wolk has more work in his future. Maybe if they had made him a bigamist with one marriage to a woman and one to a man, the show would have had more viewers!

  • KarmaLysing

    The only thing I can’t deal with is his voice. His speaking voice is a nearly-squeaky tenor which is so jarringly out-of-synch with his looks it almost seems dubbed. Someone that smoldering hot should have a voice like Tom Hardy, not Tom from “Tom and Jerry”.

  • Brendan

    Dammit. I love him (nom nom nom), but I can’t stand the script (of the show).

  • Kyle

    >>As hot as this guy is, I will not support any shows about that horrible state or that are filmed in that crappy, Republican, bigotted, backward state.<<

    Nice generalization – you are just as bigoted and closed-minded as those you throw stones at. Grow up.

  • robertg

    KL: It’s an apt comparison, except it it’s sorta half-apt. Having been a fan of many, many years, I couldn’t remember if he speaks or not. So, off to Wikianswers:

    Occasionally he talks. I have heard him talk once or twice in my 3 years of watching the show. Although Tom the Cat is a mute character, he occasionally yells usually in pain in the cartoons. But, in “Tom and Jerry: The Movie”, Tom’s speaking voice was provided by Richard Kind.

    You COULD say, however, that Mr. Wolk’s voice reminds you of Tom the Cat “screaming in pain”.

    Now to your signature: what is a JihadCat, if I have that correctly? Something you just made up? Or, are there Islamic cats? I’m pondering. . . . . .

  • JuanCarlos

    The best guy ever!!!!!!

  • mark

    holy moses! words can’t even describe how I feel looking at him … take a look at Bernini’s “ecstasy of st theresa”, and that’ll give you an idea

  • DoverDavid

    Dr. Mr. Wolk, in case your reading this and it’s true that your new series on tv, Lonestar has indeed been terminated I have a full time cuddle position available, it does not require a lot of work on your part, more of you simply laying there and letting me take care of your needs. If interested, please contact me here for instructions on how to complete my on line application.


  • Capricorn

    I didn’t like the first episode so I didn’t watch again, but it’s great to see these hot pics!

  • I don’t get it. AMERICA, what’s not to like here? How can you neglect this?
    AAAAAH! I don’t get it. There’s something wrong with the world.


  • Peter

    Pleasant show but not really plausible in today’s information age – no? He’s nice looking but he nor Lone Star cannot touch the hottest con man / show on TV – Matt Bomer and White Collar – true beauty there.

  • hot hot hot, yummy pits

  • John Williams

    ….. what Kyle said. Kentucky is fantastic, especially the eastern half. What is more picturesque than race horses trotting in a lush pasture framed by white fences? Anyone who is consumed with hatred for a place populated by racehorses and Republicans must be terminally unhappy. Actually studies have shown that by and large Republicans are happier than Democrats. The latter seem to be obsessed with taking money from Republicans in order to redistribute it among Democrats and corrupt foreign governments.

    Be that as it may, I’m very irritated about Fox canceling this show. Here I’m just now finding out about it!

  • Ian

    Maybe the show would have been more interesting if his character was bisexual and he was shacking up between both a woman and a man in the separate homes.

  • That’s so hottt!!! Just wanna lick his armpits soooo badddd!!!


  • Soox

    Women probably boycotted the show because he had two wives.


  • Bob Smith

    He is sooooooooooooo fine!

  • okgo8790

    oh damn. that man is surely a work of art coming from my dreams. i would love to even be in his presence.

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