I Love Lumberjacks, So

How’s that for a title? I purposely did that so we don’t have another “How Does This Make You Feel” Zac Efron post, so yay me (?). SO. I’m back posting after spending almost a week on cloud 9 listening to the beautiful aria that is Josh Gates’s variable pitch voice. While my ass is slowly trying to land on firm ground, stare at these pictures of one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood (not quite the most beautiful), Zac Efron covered in follicle goodness promoting “Charlie St Cloud” (yes, that link contains skin, you perv) in Madrid. I approve, because it’s clear that he’s going for the whole lumberjack thing. Lumberjacks are in the top spot in my crotch list followed closely by cops and cowboys. I wonder if Disney makes a princess axe to go with that look?

Zac Efron in Madrid

Zac Efron in Madrid

Zac Efron in Madrid

Zac Efron in Madrid

Honestly, I’d prefer this man (RIP) in that look. Grrr…

Eric Stone

Eric Stone

  • Honestly I think he became a man, since all the other photos of him look like twinks, but every male celebrity does this, even the gay ones. I hope his chest got bigger, it looks like he did

  • I honestly couldn’t stand the sight of Zac Efron until this latest movie where he finally started looking like an adult male 😛 I can’t decide whether this facial hair look is working for him though. And I hate his hair style in these pix … *shrug*

  • Stuart

    On the plus side, he’s cut back on the makeup in a big way.

  • Daknee

    Zac was just another teen idol and never gave him a second thought. But seeing him lately and in his last film. WOW! what a transformation. I really think Charlie was a good film for him to transitions from. I look forward seem more of the new man!

  • gad1n10

    Zac is coming along very nicely. Glad to see he’s leaving the ‘styled’ hair behind.Don’t really care for beards, but as long as it stays at this level it’s not bad. Lose the scrubber/gangsta patch, or whatever it’s called below the lip, though:(

  • DoverDavid

    Both men are nice, if I had a choice, I would take the second, shame he has already passed, and far too young.

  • Bob Frank

    Zac Efron continues to metamorphose into a manly, handsome young guy. The beard and ‘stache look great and will continue to grow in as he gets older. His chest hair is also starting to come in, and as his features mature, it looks like he is going to be quite the manly man. The flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up to show his sinewy forearms is also a real turn-on for me. Despite all the gay rumors, Zac is str8 as an arrow, but I bet he is a friend of us anyway. I wish him all the best and hope his career takes off (and he doesn’t shave his chest hair and wears a beard when he’s not filming).

  • Ethan


    I can’t see Zac’s chest hair in these pics. Is there another place you’ve seen it?

    You also seemed really confident in Zac’s orientation (not that I think he isn’t straight), so I wasn’t sure if you’d had an interaction with him–perhaps you saw him on the beach being really hairy and straight?

  • Hmf… I repeat myself: Zac’s body hair is here.  Want to see more?  Then go here in the Forum. xoxSB

  • Daknee

    BTW who is the other nicly chisled guy?

  • KarmaLysing

    “Princess Axe”…. ROFLMAOH…

  • KarmaLysing

    Oh, and… “I’m a Lumberjack, and I’m okay…”

  • JuanCarlos

    I Knew it, I knew it!!! he’s turning in to a man, and looks great, I just wish he had a different hair style to go with that delicious beard, I’ve seen he’s pictures in other posts and he has a fuzzy chest, but as the years pass by, I’m sure he’ll have a real HAIRY CHEST!!
    @Square, I can’t say thank you enough!!!!!!!!! you made my day!!!!!!

  • Brendan


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