Sunday Roast

Even my neighbor’s cat got emails and tweets about this, so naturally here are some beef from Chris Evans caught filming “Captain America: The First Avenger” via Dlisted. It’s a little late for a Sunday roast, but who cares. The big question is, will he get shirtless in this one? If he doesn’t, half the population of planet earth will be very disappointed. I can’t really tell by these pictures, but from the expression on his face in the first picture, it seems like he’s crying “they shaved me!” from the inside and in the last picture he’s praying to the shirtless gods for his fuzz to grow back. Tell me it’s not true!

Chris Evans as Captain America

Chris Evans as Captain America

Chris Evans as Captain America

Chris Evans as Captain America

Chris Evans as Captain America

  • DoverDavid

    I saw something recently of him while filming this and he was at a distance, granted, but looked all waxed and shaven on his chest. Of course, I mean Captin America would look freakish and perhaps old if he had any chest hair on him at all.

  • redcat

    Jesus christ he’s freaking HUGE! And what ware those weird shoes?

  • mt

    Why Chris, why….? Blond? Pale? Bad hair? I hope you’re getting paid well because you look HORRIBLE! Bring back the dark haired, hairy, “not-dead” complexion Chris that we all know and love!

  • @mt I’m sure a lot of magic / CGI tan will be applied once he’s on screen, but it’s clear that he had too much make up on. AND THOSE BOOTS! They should be illegal in all counties in England.

  • Holt

    Uhm… I think the make-up was intended to make him look freakish and old, and I believe those are not boots, because it looks like a real bloated feet to me.

    And maybe something was done too on his upper back… heck.. there’s a lot of wrong in these pictures

    Or I am just rationalizing because there’s no way this is Chris’ present condition… ugh!

  • Olle

    The shoes are to make it look like he has bare feet while at the same time making it comfortable for him to walk around, both the shoes and his pale face (and possibly his hair) will be fixed with some CGI and colouring.

  • freddy

    He looks so hot and beefy. If only we’d get some shirtless previews.

    By the way, the make-up, pants and shoes are because we’re getting off-camera, pre-SFX shots. It’s called making a movie.

  • Vaughan

    Who cares about the skin color, the hair or if he’s shaved or not? I’d do him anyway. Even if he tells me “i’ll never grow back my chest hair”… come on guys! It’s Chris Evans…

  • WannaBuyADuck

    Considering that this is Chris Evans (and I didn’t even recognize him) I think he looks like crapola (for Chris Evans)!

  • David Hernandez

    Okay, I for one am not a fan of Chris Evans as Captain America. I just feel like it’s weird having someone who was known as the Human Torch playing another Marvel role. But that said, I like the fact that he is barely recognizable as Chris Evans. He looks like Steve Rogers (Captain America). Capatain America is a blonde for one thing, and the way they’ve fashioned him for the film looks pretty spot on, so I’m just hoping that he portrays the character more heroically rather than the sarcastic characters he’s played in the past. I adore the hell out of him no matter what he looks like, but am even more impressed that they’ve gone all out to really forge him into the superhero he’s supposed to portray.

  • Daknee

    Wow those arms!!!!! Love em.

  • I’ve been a fan of Chris Evans going way back but dare I say it I think he’s actually TOO bulky now … There is a point for me where muscular tips the scales from hot to “just weird-looking” …

  • LifeTrek

    OMG, I love this look on him. No bigger please, but he is yummy.

  • KarmaLysing

    My only problem with these shots: No man (or woman, for that matter) should wear pedal pushers/clam diggers, for any reason. NOT. EVER.

  • Generally you need to put about 50 pounds of makeup on someone so they read as looking fresh faced and makeup-free under lights and on camera. And also, Steve Rogers (Captain America) is a blonde.

  • Mallory

    I am turned off by Chris Evans for the first time EVER. I might have to join the bandwagon so many of you have jumped on already, about stopping the insanity with chest waxing. Chris is so sexy with a hairy chest. I don’t like this blonde, smooth, overly roided out looking deal at ALL. He may look more like Captain America, but …. ick

  • Butch

    Why is he so pale? I don’t remember Captain America being albino. Other than that, GOD HE’S HOT.

  • Latebrosus

    @ Mallory and Justin: I’m with y’all. His head now looks too small for his body.

  • brexx

    Chris Evans is such a hot man. I love his gorgeous face and beautiful body and abs – it’s just weird to see him with all this make up and stuff – other wise he’s just amazingly hot!

  • wigglytuff

    wow he is huge! <333 and still so cute<3 looove him

  • He definitely beefed up for this role! He looks so…white!!! Hehe. And, yeah, what the hell are those freaking shoes?

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  • ****

    Those bastards taped down his nipples! He’s wearing a skin-tight t-shirt…in the middle of a cold and windy street…and his nipples aren’t erect? I call foul!

  • Natey

    I guess the boots are just to make it look like hes walking barefeet.
    On the other note, what the hell I do not approve this look of Mr. Evans 🙁

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  • bcooper


  • Josh

    For starters, every one of these images were captured from above and at an angle. This is going to give a bad misrepresentation to proportional features, i.e. his head looking smaller than the rest of his body, etc.

    This are production shots. He’s made up for the camera, for CGI additions and later cleaning up. The color might be off, makeup is different, etc.

    The boots/shoe/feet thing are part of the costume to allow for the effect of his being barefooted and running. The short pants are due to the fact that he was wearing them when he was the puny Chris (ALL CGI) before they turned him into Captain America and he took off from the lab after his “transformation” to big Chris. Think “The Hulk” …. David Banner was always wearing “pedal pushers” after he “changed”.

    All that said, I think he’s hot at this size. And it is just temporary for the movie. He toned back down. Any bigger than this though and he’d be not what I consider attractive either. There is such a thing as too much, but for some people, it’s very attractive. To each his own.

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