You’re Very Welcome, Josh Gates

Moving on to something MORE important today (heck it’s probably the most important piece of news EVER) — this website has been mentioned on a radio interview with Josh Gates on “Destination Truth” Fan Radio Special by my new super best friend Amanda at Mandogg House Radio. She is awesome times infinity. I have never felt like this since I saw Paul Rudd naked on SNL! To listen to it, head to here where you can listen or download it. The magic happened at 49:20 into the interview. PURE FREAKIN’ MAGIC. I’m going to edit out that part, put it in my iPod and loop it forever for the rest of the weekend. Josh’s variable pitch voice is like sweet, sweet music to my ears. FACT. For your information, Josh — this website doesn’t only feature commercially hunky men (well, it appears so but it’s actually not), it’s a platform for the public to drool at lesser known hotness like yourself. Thank you for your generous consideration to get shirtless on the show. I think you’ve successfully gained yourself another million fans (probably just me and the other guy but hey). Transcript, after the jump. Forgive my geriatric hearing if I got it wrong.

Amanda: Another very interesting, um (oh get on with it Amanda, you know
it’s important) question that someone brought to my attention that kind of
revisits the NOH8 Campaign thing, but there’s a website called that’s run by a bunch of fabulous gay men and they have
a whole page up that says they want Josh to go shirtless on DT.

Josh Gates: Hold the phone.

Brad Kuhlman: Hold on a second.

Josh Gates: Square? Hippies? Dot com? (I die)

Amanda: *giggles* Um, yes let me just check to confirm that. Um, I thought
I was going to pee in my pants when I read some of the comments but I mean
that’s another demographic who watches your show. I figure I’d get an
answer for them.

Josh Gates: Well I am at right now and I am looking at a
lot of photos of shirtless men…

Brad Kuhlman: He has it bookmarked.

Josh Gates: It’s bookmarked now (I die, again) and um, most of them
appeared to be in better shape than me. There’s Steve Guttenberg in The
Bedroom Window… That is intimidating to me, I feel like I’m not… Oh look
there’s shirtless Eddie McClintock. (please tell him we say hi?)

Brad Kuhlman: Yeah, there he is…

Josh Gates: There he is, Eddie McClintock. Put your shirt on Eddie
McClintock. Uh yeah. Look, this is an intimidating group of shirtless male
actors that I have to… Jon Hamm?! How can I compete with Jon Hamm? How am
I going to compete with Don Draper?

Amanda: I found the page, hold on… “The Truth About Josh Gates. Josh Gates
is the host of SyFy’s Destination Truth, but the real truth is 90% of men
loving population of planet earth wanted to see him shirtless!”

Brad Kuhlman: Fair enough.

Josh Gates: …Okay I will take it under consideration. We may not be able
to extend the call now though, because I need to get some sit ups done.
(some like it chunky, FYI)

Amanda: *blushes* Well, I expect a lot of drinks from my fellow gay men
(Amanda wanted me to point out, post-interview, that she is not a gay man,
but she sometimes wishes she were one)
. Um, yeah so anyway, I got that out
of the way. That was hilarious. Everyone in the chat room is dying.

Josh Gates: I would like to thank for thinking of me, I
appreciate that. (I die for the third time)

Amanda: Aw. I’m sure a lot of men have just wet their pants (this is
. So there you go, who doesn’t say that the SyFy channel isn’t LGBT
friendly? (also fact, fact, fact, fact, fact, fact and fact).

Josh Gates: There we go… (straight to my crotch)

Again, go here to listen to the magic at 49:20. “Destination Truth” premieres last night on SyFy. There is no concrete evidence that Josh Gates will be shirtless this season, but know this — about a million pairs of eyeballs will be watching and anticipating for the very moment when he is finally de-shirted. The world continues to wait with baited breath…

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