Cole Hauser in White Oleander

Cole Hauser Shirtless

In other automotive-related development, now some of you can stop moaning about the lack of Cole Hauser’s shirtlessness in this joint, because we now have some skin caps of this fine furry (and clearly gingy) piece of hotness from the film “White Oleander“, submitted by the fab Rhiordan via email. You might recognise him as the copper from the hit (not really) TV series “Chase” and “K-Ville”. Some people are just born to play the law, and in addition look so damn good in uniforms. Sigh. Also, Cole looks like a man who knows what and where to reach at the right time. I have yet to see this film, but this scene alone might worth spending your lonely weekday night with. Present company included, of course!

Cole Hauser Shirtless

Cole Hauser Shirtless

Cole Hauser Shirtless

  • KarmaLysing

    Nice to see him smiling for a change. He doesn’t do that too often in his movie/film roles.

    Of course, I’m frequently not looking at his FACE, but still…

  • Buffmage

    Answered my prayers. Just last night I was looking for some shirtless pics of him

  • That’s a great scene!
    I’m glad someone else appreciate the same male beauty as I, as I’ve also screen capped it on my blog:

  • Oh! I´d like so much to… him.
    Well, I´ve heard some gossips about an affair between him and Mathew McConaughey. They´re only gossips, of course. But if it´s true both Matthew and Cole know what is good, don´t they?

  • Tim

    Just saw Cole Hauser in a made for TV movie on TNT called “Good Morning, Killer.” He was a little older and beefier and had a HOT HOT HOT near sex scene with a female FBI agent. He wanted it rough!

  • Daniel Lachowski

    Hot a lot!

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