Devon Sawa, Reloaded

Devon Sawa Shirtless

Speaking of the nineties, does anyone of you bitches remember Devon Sawa? You know, the boy who used to be in that poster on your bedroom ceiling wall (yes, I’m talking to YOU). Well, here are some skin updates from this essential 90s heartthrob from this week’s episode of “Nikita” capped by Superherofan. I don’t know what to make of his new rough and tumble facade, but one thing for sure, these caps are a not-so-gentle reminder that we’re all getting OLD, especially to those of you who were old enough to watch “Wild America” and “Casper” when they came out.

Devon Sawa Shirtless

Devon Sawa Shirtless

Devon Sawa Shirtless

Devon Sawa Shirtless

  • Getting old, huh
    Try getting HOT.


  • Daknee

    Not sure about him getting old but he’s definately lost his cute looks, Glad to see he’s trimmed down. He was getting chunky for awhile there. Not that I don’t like chunky guy. He just looked like a old fat guy then.

  • Jay

    Although I’m not a pawpaw-chaser like some other fellas around here, in this case, somebody got way hotter as the years went by. Woof!

  • mckey

    It has been this way for so many male stars.They’re rarely take their shirt off when they’re young and beautiful.Here are few examples,
    1-Nick Carter(Just doesn’t look like he use ,John Stamos,Ronan Keating(not that he’s not beautiful anymore but during his early years with boyzone he looked so beautiful, you know that if he took off his shirt back then you gonna cum in your pants),

  • len

    remembering him from those god-awful teen movies of the 90’s, i’m surprized to see devon looking so good(shame he looks so beaten up) as he got older. like fine wine, he aged well

  • Phil

    OLD are you cereal?…He’s damn HOT!!!…

  • Milton

    Always knew that Devon would mature into a hot man! He’s been aging well, since the late ’90’s. Glad that the “bruises” are make-up. These posts are HOT!!

  • he was the adorable boy who kissed christina ricci in “now and then”

  • KarmaLysing

    As I never saw Mr. Sawa in the ’90’s, all I can say now is, “WANT”.

  • Jennifer

    You call him OLD and I call him HOT , Devon Sawa was cute in the 90’s and now he’s HOT 😀

  • night of the twisters was an amazing film, it is sad to see Devon is all busted up now.

  • Sean C.

    Damn … I’d do him in a second. 🙂

  • Milton

    DAMN!! How did I miss this post the first time you had it up, Square? As for the old jab, Devon looks even better as he matures.

  • isoron

    He’s apparently recurring on Nikita and looking hotter than ever. Old? He’s young enough to be my nephew – actually he is the same age as my little bro’s only son.


    He’s ALWAYS been one of my favorites! SOOO SEXY!!! SO HOT! That voice! That body!!!

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