Guess This SHAVED Chest

This is breaking news, and my crotch is too livid — I repeat, TOO LIVID to give you any clue right now. All I can say is America (yes, there’s a hint in there somewhere) is too freakin’ obsessed with SHAVING. Guess before you click and fall into a deep depression (I’m totally talking about me).

The prophecy is true. Before I’m heading to the cold shower, it’s Chris Evans in his upcoming superhero flick, “Captain America (Shaved Off His Dignity)”, via Wonderboy at the forum from the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. The good news is he will be very shirtless in this mess, but not a single follicle will be in sight. Maybe it’s a chest vest? Please tell me it’s a smooth chest vest and his fuzz are still intact… I see a riot coming.

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