Jack Coleman in The Landlady

Jack Coleman Shirtless

I promise you, this is the last nineties post of the day. What can I say, it was a good decade, no? “The Landlady” is the typical erotic(?) thriller about a crazy ass stalking landlady in the form of Talia Shire, who is obsessed about her total hunk of a tenant, Jack Coleman. It’s the HRG man from “Heroes” if it doesn’t ring a bell. Honestly, I really miss this type of films. B and C filmmakers out there should do more movies like this instead of trying to copy every sci-fi money making blockbuster out there. There is a significant demand for lazy Sunday afternoon flicks involving a shirtless hunk gagged and bounded to the bed posts and a crazy stalking subject. May I propose me as the landlady and Jason Sudeikis as the tenant? Say no more! Thanks to Capped for these shirtless shots of Jack Coleman and for making my weekend alone a little more bearable.

Jack Coleman Shirtless

Jack Coleman Shirtless

Jack Coleman Shirtless

  • Daknee

    I didn’t know he looked like that! I only knew him playing the dad on Heroes.

  • oh, but these are golden!
    I also first saw him as Mr. Bennet on Heroes, sucha fine daddy.


  • He wasn’t bad in Heroes, a few extra lbs, but god damn is he delicious here.

  • Bro

    I loves me some HRG!

  • I believe these are my caps. 😉

  • Anyways, hai Jack, HAI!!!

    Trivia: This movie is in Jack Coleman’s “My Lamest Hits” list. He also said that he fell asleep during the bed scene.

  • Reese

    Holy smokes. How in the world did you find this film? I had a quite a crush on Jack in the 1990s and remember watching this film on a late Saturday night. I never saw it again, but haven’t forgotten this scene. Thanks for posting. You guys must have read my mind, because you seem know all of my secret crushes from all the way back to the mid-1980s.

  • No name

    Why they always put the men’s shirt off when arrest them,actually,it’s not normal;))

  • stanhope

    He ain’t no Al Corley!!!

  • Edward

    Apparently stanhope remembers Mr. Coleman when he assumed the role of the gay son on Dynasty oh so many years ago.

  • He loved him on Dynasty and he has aged nicely! He also went to Duke University here in NC.

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