More (Trimmed) Fur for the Weekend

Glenn Howerton Shirtless

Although my Macbook’s hard disk is on the brink of collapse, I’m feeling a little industrious today (“little” being the keyword here), so here are some caps of Glenn Howerton‘s furry chest and legs (yes, we all can have our cake and eat it too) in this week’s “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. In my opinion, the entire male cast of the show should be shirtless all the time with perhaps the exception of Danny DeVito. We thank Glenn for his persistence and the producers for keeping the fur alive, although it has clearly been trimmed to the network’s specification. A millimetre longer will scare the children away.

Glenn Howerton Shirtless

Glenn Howerton Shirtless

Glenn Howerton Shirtless

Glenn Howerton Shirtless

  • His legs are quite hairy and gorgeous, and I’m sure he would be real thick on his body if he let it go. I looks like he might have shaved at his waist line due to being hairy down below. Nevertheless, he is so cute and he has a great body so any trimming on the torso is forgiven.

  • Pickle

    This season isn’t very funny, but Glenn’s still a cutie.

  • AlexS

    He’s cute and has a beautiful body, but I MUCH prefer Rob McElhenney… sooo much hotter. 😉

  • Beel

    I’m much more partial to Charlie.

  • DoverDavid

    Hairy legs, yummy.

  • rusty

    According to an interview with charlie, Sudeikis will be in an episode of Sunny later this season.

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