Sam Jaeger in Parenthood

Sam Jaeger Shirtless

My ass has just got back from a well deserved(?) break in the sun, and while I sort my shit out — treat your well deserving eyeballs on this fine furry piece in the form of Sam Jaeger in this week’s “Parenthood” capped by Superherofan, as always. If there’s one word would summarize this man, it’s WHOLESOME. It’s like you get absolutely everything for the price of one — a true fuzzy hunk with a hint of adorkable and a dash of suburban dad sex appeal. Ten over ten!  Regular posts will resume when I get my focus (and also my sanity) back. In the mean time, reminisce Sam’s bountiful hairy chest in a previous episode of “Parenthood” (wet, if you care) and a slightly tamed one in “Eli Stone“. Thanks to Meo for the heads up!

Sam Jaeger Shirtless

Sam Jaeger Shirtless

Sam Jaeger Shirtless

Sam Jaeger Shirtless

Sam Jaeger Shirtless

  • Anne Noise

    I was about to e-mail you about this! He is so fucking sexy, I knew you’d like him.

  • okgo8790

    oh man oh man oh man. that is one serious hunk of man meat right there 🙂 he’s absolutely beautiful!

  • Holy heaven, those thighs! those arms! that hair chest! that man face!


  • Uinsean

    Oh man how I loved that scene.
    Sam is reason enough to watch that show.

  • OMG – wow. Wish I had a closeup of that crotch.

  • Julius Seizure

    Right side of the 4th shot from the top: Enough to make a grown woman weep.

    I’ll be in my bunk.

  • DoverDavid

    He is a cutie indeed and nice legs too!

  • Deon

    Oh my. I want him on my face…

  • JuanCarlos

    OMG, this is a REAL MAN, so manly and the perfect hairy chest, hairy arms, hairy legs, hairy everything!!!!!!! HOT HOT HOT

  • rodthehorny

    that boxer shorts shot is simply stunning what else can I say.

  • JuanCarlos

    I’m feeling something down my waist line for him!!!!

  • len

    glad YOU’RE BACK! hope you stick around a while longer, and give us luscious vids of guys like sam jaeger. that was sorta worth the wait

  • shaun

    simply one of the most handsome men i’ve seen on this website

  • wreckles

    Wish they’d been as out front with Craig T Nelson with his boxers shot episode

  • funstraightman

    Sam is definitely HOT! This man is an example of the Sexy Whole Package. He is NOT a bear but he has just the right amount of hair to be extra sexy. His man thighs are outrageously hot and he has a cute smile, sexy chest, and I love his treasurer trail too. Just hot does not seem to cover it all. I have no idea about his manhood and I wouldn’t care…. He is amazingly sexy.

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