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Jason Sudeikis in Saturday Night Live

Given the rarity of this type of post nowadays (I’m lying), I guess I’m entitled to do do one today. Mah husband wasn’t that prominent in the first 2 episodes of “Saturday Night Live” this season, but last week he was giving my crotch a fine treat by dressing up in his imagination stimulating wife beater and loose boxers (you know I squinted hard but damn you black tights!). His chest follicles were up there saying hello and the stache! I know it’s as real as my marriage to Jason Sudeikis but the whole getup does all sort of ungodly things to me. These are from last week’s Jane Lynch episode and thanks to Michael for the caps. Of course, I made some additional ones because you know, he’s mah husband and all.

Jason Sudeikis in Saturday Night Live

Jason Sudeikis in Saturday Night Live

Also mah husband as Matthew Morrison is just like Matthew Morrison, except hotter and most importantly, UNTRIMMED.

Jason Sudeikis in Saturday Night Live

  • Todd R

    Loved the chest hair peaking out.

  • wpb30635

    Personally I think we need to take up a petition. Jason should be required to appear in every sketch nude.

  • WarpedRecord


    Hey Square: How about some shots of Jason as the ’80s dancer in “What Up With That?”

  • Square

    @WarpedRecord I have posted them a while back, see here. Hehe.

  • cw

    dont you think Sebastian Roché in S4Ep4 of Fringe is hot? although the scene of his chest is very little

  • cw

    oops.. it was Season 3 EP 4 actually…

  • ThatGuy

    Call me crazy but I think the bedhead added to his hotness in that sketch too.

  • WarpedRecord

    Square: Thanks for the reminder of the beat-box boy! Sorry, I was lazy and should have searched the archives.

  • EricaLDWP

    Oh, yea, I enjoyed that skit. It was funny and it had a hot Sudeikis. I tried to let you know on the forums, but it seems someone beat me, haha. :] I think you just about covered all of his hotness in the summary, but I have to say it was nice to see him rocking the mustache again and the bed head was to die for. The chest hair, the lack of clothing, it was all good.

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