The Real Bulge of Beckham

At last, we can compare the bulge on these shots to the real one above. I’d say, the Photoshop / sock fairies did minimal damage there. Upon close examination, it appears that the tractor exhaust pipe legend couldn’t be far from the truth. What say you? Also, where do I sign up to be reincarnated as that extremely lucky pair of tighty-whiteys?

  • DoverDavid

    I’d factor in some kind of jock strap there.

  • gregg

    Notice all the guys on the sideline watching him, lol.

  • mckey

    It doesn’t look real.Obviously he’s wearing a pad.God that Posh is the luckiest Bitch in this lifetime.

  • mt

    Pft…not impressed at all.

  • LouLou

    Just wanted to let the TPTB that Scott Porter was shirtless on The Good Wife about half way through tonight’s episode. Slightly fuzzy maybe…but the lighting isn’t great..

  • Raincheck

    What? That bulge is nothing to write home about! Factor in all his heinous tattoos and whiny voice and… meh, Posh is welcome to it.

  • michael

    i agree. not impressed. and of course all the guys on the sidelines are watching. they want to know if they measure up.

  • That´s interesting: everybody there looked at his butt!lol

  • Loio

    That is not a jockstrap or padded, it’s just regular tight Armani briefs. Soccer players don’t wear straps. He’s clearly packing some good meat…just compare his Armani ads with Ronaldo’s and you can see he is better endowed by a fair bit.

  • mt

    #1, there is NOTHING special about this “bulge” – at all
    #2, this is NOT the same “bulge” that he sported in his underwear ad
    #3, this is NOT the same meat that his woman was spouting about
    #4, she can keep it – he is not attractive IMO at all.

  • Zee

    Enjoyed the butt though 😀

  • Alex

    Pretty average IMHO… Remember large wangers would hamper running…

  • Dan

    One Huge difference… The underwear ads he was either hard or at the the least semi-hard (unless there is a way to fake that too).
    These he is clearly, and understandably soft. He wasn’t there for a photoshoot, just to quickly, spur of the moment change shorts, not to show what he’s got. I’d say that since he is soft here, and at least half the size of the und. ads, that the und. ads were less likely to have been faked or by much. Those haters clearly are not looking and comparing correctly. That is a big bulge for being soft.

  • Ruperbare

    I’m amazed by all the size queens here, as @raincheck says factor in the tatts, whiny voice, the fact that he isn’t the greatest footballer in the world, and lack of a brain…..and there you go a perfect bed partner…..

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