The Stache Effect

Jamie Oliver as The Village People

These shots of British chef Jamie Oliver dressed as The Village People for his series “Jamie’s American Road Trip” a long while ago are the perfect example how a bit of facial hair can transform a man from bubble and squeak to haute cuisine. Love him or hate him (I’m actually on the fence — but he does inspire me to cook more), I’m sure some of you will agree that he looks ten times more attractive with a furry caterpillar on his no-upper-lips. Not surprisingly, the biker and cowboy ones have the most effect on me. It’s probably a good thing that Matt Tebbutt would never attempt such thing otherwise I’ll get multiple cardiac arrests. Thanks to I Feel Crazy for this one, hope you did get some work done yesterday!

By the way has anyone figured out who was that wholesome, well fed and married TV star who pissed on a cute gay boy in a bath tub?

Jamie Oliver as The Village People

Jamie Oliver as The Village People

Jamie Oliver as The Village People

Jamie Oliver as The Village People

  • mckey

    You can’t find a shirtless picture of him anywhere!! don’t know what he’s embarrassed about. He doesn’t have manboobs.

  • DoverDavid

    Well now at least I have found out that he does have a bit of fuzz on his chest, my weekend is off to a nice start. Happy Halloween everyone!

  • hotmouthfordad

    Would love to see a “spread” of the Dad from Paranormal Activity 2 Actor Brian Boland. got a hardon when i saw him shirtless!!!!

  • Boris

    I think it’s not the man boobs he’s afraid of, but perhaps a little case of the flabby belly…

  • I don’t know why he would be afraid of a flabby belly. I don’t think any celeb chef has a perfect physique, nor should they. As my high school Home Ec teacher always said, “Never trust a skinny cook.”

    I do like the little bit of chest hair.

  • Phil

    I’ll take the construction worker

  • Phil

    Oh and don’t forget the old addage-never trust a ‘skinny’ cook 😉

  • Milton

    I prefer the sailor, but I love the assless pants.

  • KarmaLysing

    Irrespective of how he’s dressed, he’s still turned into a granola-whacking douchebag.

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