Time for Some Bryan Callen Skin

Bryan Callen Shirtless

Bryan Callen always has a special spot in my crotch, and it’s such a shame that there wasn’t enough exploitation on him in the recent times (“Fat Actress” was long ago). Until now. In a few months, “41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It” will be the ultimate treasure in the dollar bin at your local video store, and Bryan was quite generous in it. It’s good to know that he’s still in the industry albeit doing this type of film — but as long as he flaunts his lean body, I’m not complaining. Lots of censored peen sock and genuine(?) bum action in here, although the whole thing was clearly a skip-pause-cap job for me. I love my weekend too much.

Bryan Callen Shirtless

Bryan Callen Shirtless

Bryan Callen Shirtless

Bryan Callen Shirtless

Bryan Callen Shirtless

  • DoverDavid

    Can we edit out those black boxes? 🙂

  • WarpedRecord

    Better yet, can I volunteer for a job as a black box?

  • michael

    thats one hell of a loooonnnng black box he’s got going on there. holy crap. EDIT THE BLACK BOX. WERE ALL ADULTS HERE.

  • KarmaLysing

    Michael – the tagline on this site says it all: “WORKSAFE”. No edited black box for YOU. Not here, any road.

    I’m really curious what the story was here. And really appreciative of this man’s evident exhibitionist tendencies.

  • Oh Pool Boy, I still love you so.

  • McHottie

    He was on MADtv for the first two seasons and was shirtless alot.

    Also, his half-bro Joe Rogan was in one episode and did a skit shirtless (he played a boxer).

  • For you information boys and girls, the black boxes were done on the film, not by yours truly. 🙂

  • redcat

    Yeah that’s a real shame… black boxes are added on the dvd itself.

  • Carlos

    I love this guy. He is so sexy and I love his voice. I had started watching this a long time ago but it looked too stupid and not funny. I had no idea he did full frontal.

  • Larry

    SWEET! This guy’s come a long damn way from Carlos & the Chicken on Frasier.

  • square, you deserve a medal for your direct-to-dvd caps!

  • Chaka Nawe

    Remember him as “Pool Boy” on MadTV? Of course you do….Well, there was at least one episode, and he’s shirtless in all his naturally, hairy-chested and hairy-legged glory! All the later ones had him waxed smooth, and it made me so mad (not to say I wasn’t still imagining putting my hands down his Speedo). Have you ever found or posted caps of him WITH the furry body hair? I’d love to whack of………..er, I mean SEE them

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