Time for Some Real (Farmed) Beef

Nathan Shirtless on Don't Tell the Bride

Salivating over famous people can be a litte monotonous sometimes, so today let’s have a look at some REAL beef. 25 year old Dudley boy Nathan is every inch of my perfect man. He’s a farmer, perfectly hairy (in all the right places), a man’s man’s man (you’d know a true man when the answer is “Land Rover burgundy” for a colour scheme), always has dirt on his hands but doesn’t give a monkeys about it, loves animals (you know he’s passionate in bed), reads “The Complete Encyclopaedia of Tractors” in his leisure time and on top of that, a big softie at heart. These are from BBC Three’s “Don’t Tell the Bride” and unfortunately it’s a show about people getting hitched. The good news is we get to see some very generous shirtless shots of this prime British beef and then some. I’d say, Nathan should be in a different show — like “Farmer Wants a Wife”. You see, the US of A is too obsessed with waxy superficial crap like this (scroll right to the bottom) for the sake of looking good on screen that we forgot the abundance of real hot beef out there. This post is dedicated to our British readers and for those of you who appreciate REAL male beauty. Enjoy!

Nathan Shirtless on Don't Tell the Bride

Nathan Shirtless on Don't Tell the Bride

Nathan Shirtless on Don't Tell the Bride

Also, this is his best man and childhood friend, and to quote Nathan, “If I could marry Nick I’d marry him”. *brb fantasising*

Nathan Shirtless on Don't Tell the Bride

Nathan Shirtless on Don't Tell the Bride

  • DoverDavid

    I liked how the beef covered up his meat, just wish those blur marks were not there and he would not smoke. Other than that, thanks for sharing.

  • I would say it’s time to legalize same-sex marriage in the UK then.

    Why would they be so cruel to have him strip naked and then it’s blocked out.

  • Dene

    He’s quite adorable, actually-! That girl he’s hooked up with, tho. So plain-looking-! He should be with… ME-! LOL

  • Vaughan

    She’s not plain-looking, at least if you see her from the sides lol.
    I agree with the no smoking… and he looks kinda dork and not in the adorkable kind of way.

  • WannaBuyADuck

    There have been slim pickin’s on your site of late, Square (at least for me, that is) and just when I was about to give up, you blow my mind with this Brit Beaut. I want to lick him from head to toes to the dirt on his hands, literally. I want to tell him to marry Nick and leave the chunker at the altar. On second thought, fuck Nick, he should marry ME. I’ll even teach him how to tie a knot in his tie. Or not!

  • mckey

    It’s so rare to see British man shave their body hair.They just let nature do their work.So natural but sometimes it can be too much.They’re even famous for having yellow teeth(not that I adore that part).But at the end of the day as long as they’re brushing their teeth and wearing deodorant, I’m good.

  • ThatGuy

    This American prefers guys like this over the pretty boys that our media puts out there anyday 😉

  • Raincheck

    He’s quite cute. Don’t think he will age well, but that’s wifey’s problem… The best man is hotter — why didn’t he get naked!

  • Matty

    Hmm, I think depending on what channel and time they show it the blur could be removed. So the original British broadcast might not be edited. Oh and there has to be a joke in there about him on the boat, in his underwear, with all the sea men.

  • michael

    i often marvel how really handsome men end up marrying “pigs in lipstick” how DOES that happen? just goes to show a man will put it in anything including a bowl of warm soup if it stands still long enough. if he’s been best friends with this guy most of his life, he should marry him. im sure they have no secrets from each other that need to be revieled.

  • Very.


    Thanks 🙂

  • Daniel

    Thanks he floats my boat. I agree the english to seem to care about body hair as much as the american guy…Shame body hair is so frowned on…I likem hairy like almighty mad them…Whats wrong with some shoulder, back hair. not in for all rug but hey depends on the body and face…Nothing against guys who carry a little weight but why is it we never see 20/30 somethings with a little shoulder/back hair. Guys if you have it flaunt it… I wish I had more body hair, guess I’m just jealous. The average guy for me is a greater turn on than the sculpted, waxed over muscular Ken Dolls. Thanks for the site…I look forward to every post.

  • Samir

    Aw, this guy is too dreamy. I agree, perfection. Not that I’m complaining at all, but why was he naked in public? I need to see this episode of this show!

  • dbk63646

    This guy is freaking HOT HOT HOT….sorry I can’t say the same for the Fish he married….why would he want to spend the rest of his life with that….when he could have so many HOT HOT HOT guys out there…..just asking. 😉

  • square: i am TOTALLY disappointed w/this nathan guy—you teased me w/the opening and then i scroll down to NOTHING— i mean pictures of his feet??? picture of his elbow???i know the crotch pics had to be edited for the under 18 guys that view your site and forgive me BUT i still DO NOT understand why websites like yours has to feature women—i mean to me they have NO value they just are in the way—i still love you guy—just wanted to add my voice—peace—

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