I guess we can all pack our bags and go home now. I’m DONE.

Click here to watch it in action and I hope they’re aware that they have the same wife.

Jason Sudeikis & Jon Hamm in SNL

Jason Sudeikis & Jon Hamm in SNL

Jason Sudeikis & Jon Hamm in SNL

Jason Sudeikis & Jon Hamm in SNL

Update: THIS. Thanks to joetimber at the forum!

  • POO

    No we can’t! We haven’t seen decent shirtless pics yet 🙁

  • When I watched this Saturday I wondered about your reaction and if your head—heads?!—were exploding! 🙂

  • mckey

    so hot and bother.

  • Too bad we couldn’t get Hamm for a kissing family skit. Fred Armisen likes to slip the tongue, something I doubt Jason would do.

  • KarmaLysing

    Eek. O_o

  • OH-HOO. Todd, yea, you gotta love Fred for that!!! This scene literally took my breath away! XD And thank you Square for the animated .gif. I shall use it shamelessly.

  • Anne Noise

    I knew I’d see this here! It’s so beautiful!

  • bo


    (can’t stand the heat he burnt into dust)

  • gruff

    It took a while to clean up the mess left behind after I saw this scene… i wonder how much time it took Square to clean up on his end!

  • John

    I knew it was coming and yet when it came….oh well….. it was HOT !!! I loved it !!

  • Anon

    i saw this and freaked out then watched it over and over again

  • John

    Knew it was coming and glad it did come, hmmmm !!!!

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