Better With Josh Cooke (in a Towel)

Josh Cooke Shirtless

To those of you who persistently waited for shirtless moments on screen and promptly updated us on the event, I thank you from the bottom of the freezer section of my heart. I have stopped watching sitcoms a million years ago, but ABC’s “Better With You” might worth half an hour of your time a week due to this and their latest fur covered offering in a towel, Josh Cooke. This isn’t the first time Josh went through writer’s exploitations on screen, as evident here but it’s nice to see him doing his bits as a major character. My special thanks go to Ryan at the forum for the heads up!

Josh Cooke Shirtless

Josh Cooke Shirtless

Josh Cooke Shirtless

Josh Cooke Shirtless

  • redcat

    Reminds me of Seinfeld. I dig.

  • I love everything about him.

  • CRAP!!! I wanted to get that to you. 😛 but he is delicious. He is so cute and dorky. LOVE IT.

  • DoverDavid

    If you watched this scene was a re-telling of a story, the original story was that when he walked out, there was no towel, unfortunately they did not go that far. He’s cute though.

  • KB

    i always think he looks like that character STUART on Mad TV

  • john

    loose the towel.everything about you is sure we would not be disapointed

  • Butch

    He is a very handsome man. I wish I could see more.

  • Gdar

    He is soooo gay, and trust me; my gaydar never fails me!

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