Brian Goodman in The Last Castle

Brian Goodman Shirtless in The Last Castle

If there’s one time to gather all your friends, cousins AND your neighbours, this will be it. Still riding on the daddy train, here are some droolworthy caps of beefier than beef actor Brian Goodman with bonus light stache (you know it does a lot to me) from the film “The Last Castle” submitted by our Filipino reader. It’s a major discovery for me personally, because I didn’t know that this fine salt and pepper male specimen existed before this post. Now I’m in LOVE. Instead of going around in circles, I’ll just let these caps speak for themselves — which means you must have a full box of Kleenex ready or a very thick towel if you’re going to watch the film. Trust.

Brian Goodman Shirtless in The Last Castle

Brian Goodman Shirtless in The Last Castle

Brian Goodman Shirtless in The Last Castle

Brian Goodman Shirtless in The Last Castle

Brian Goodman Shirtless in The Last Castle

  • Beef – it’s what’s for dinner. If I didn’t even see his body I would be into him.

  • DoverDavid

    I’m willing to share the cell with him.

  • RC


  • skybear

    “Strip him, bathe him and bring him to my tent”

  • I’ve always thought him the hottest of the hot!!! But there is SO little of him on the Internet. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this post!

  • mckey

    I love hot mature man!You just to explore his body and do things on him.

  • Anne Noise

    Yes, please!

  • ThatGuy

    Wow…all I can say is thank you!

  • wigglytuff


  • WarpedRecord

    I’m guessing he smells as great as he looks, and I can’t wait to inhale.

  • Andy

    Incredibly attractive….I think I’m in love..

  • Boris

    Considering that this movie also stared a very yummy and beautifully mature and often shirtless Robert Redford, I was drooling (from my mouth and my… you know…)when I saw this the first time!

  • Boris

    Sorry to double post like this, but this picture of Robert Redford in The last castle needs to be shared:

  • Complex

    Oh God Yes!!! Be my daddy. I would drop to my knees in a heart beat for this man. So sexy, brawny, big and burly. Would love to get so nasty with him then cuddle : )

  • Bobby

    That movie filmed here in Nashville and so a bunch of friends and I went to see it, even had one friend that did some extra work on it. I perked up when Brian came on the screen and have been in lust ever since. And I kick myself daily that I didn’t sign up to be an extra. Wonder if they were hiring a fluffer for him? LOL

  • ok now THAT’s hot.
    he’s the kind of guy I’l love to come back to every night.

  • Daddy’s got some beef!

  • mark b

    finally… incredible.

  • Dandean

    OHMAN! OHMAN! OHMAN! I think he was also featured in the Lost series.

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  • hotmouthfordad

    he needs a hot little bottom to service him. he looks the type to either just lay back and get serviced or is a very rough rugged top! either way, I WANNA BOTTOM I WANNA BOTTOM IWANNA BOTTOM!

  • oh. my. god. perfection

  • arkcub

    Sweet Mary Mother of Fur! I would definitely be his prison bitch. Too bad me missed his calling in porn. Oh yeah!!!

  • arkcub

    Sweet Mary Mother of Fur! Now THAT is a daddy if there ever was one! From the perfect pecs, to the perfectly placed fur, to the perfect tickler/scratcher of a ‘stache. I would definitely be his prison bitch! Oh yeah!!!

  • homuncullus

    This is the type of man, big, beefy, mature that I would love to have sex every day 24/7!!!

  • Anne Noise

    What a total fucking stud! Gorgeous!

  • Polux

    I do not know him until yesterdar with THE LAST CASTLE. He is very masculine…

    Please, published about the german actor HEINO FERCH. He s is favorite actor…

  • Polux

    Yesterday and today, I watched him in KING OF SOUTH BEACH. Definitly, now he is one my favorite actors…
    Brian is a nice guy…
    Bye, bye…!

  • Polux

    Again, again! Now, I watching him in “Rizzolis and isles”, but… always he is a support actor in the series and movies… Why…?

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