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Matthew Morrison Shirtless in Details

By now, you should be aware that Matthew Morrison has appeared on the cover of Details in all his shirtless glory, and it’s only natural that I’ll be the LAST person on the planet posting this mess. I won’t go further into the ‘sweater vest’ thing at the risk of writing a 200 page court case and starting a ‘Bring Back Mr. Schue’s Fur” petition / mob. Upon further investigation and these additional photos released by the magazine, it seems that Matthew still had some of his chest follicles in the running shots. Could it be that it was all Photoshop magic? I honestly think that they shot those before they stripped off his dignity (including members down south) for the cover, but to keep me asleep at night, let’s just go with the first one shall we? The plot thickens…

Matthew Morrison Shirtless in Details

Matthew Morrison Shirtless in Details

Matthew Morrison Shirtless in Details

Matthew Morrison Shirtless in Details

Matthew Morrison Shirtless in Details

  • brexx

    he’s fucking gorgeous!!! love the body!

  • i saw him live in SOUTH PACIFIC. extra yummy. as Squarehippies
    theorizes i too wonder if the smooth chest was shaven or simply

  • WarpedRecord

    Sorry, Square: I was actually more interested in the waves.

  • Olle

    Photoshop magic? More like Photoshop Dark Arts! (for two reasons)

    1. The apparent absence of fur, which I will indeed start a petition to bring back.

    2. The horrible photoshopping! You can see that his chest is VERY fuzzy, and not in the good way!

  • me

    Without chest hair, he is boring. Many guys have nice/great bodies.

  • Eva V., Spain

    Hi!! I didn’t know where to leave this, but I think you might be interested…

    What do you think? I think it’s beautiful!!

  • Matty

    I seem to recall seeing him pretty smooth in the last episode of Glee but I could be wrong. It could have just been a nightmare. Like the tragic death of Joel McHale’s chest hair.

  • Greg M

    I think he shaved. He had fur in all the Glee episodes up until last weeks (with Gwenyth Paltrow). When his ex came over to rub Vicks on his back, it showed his hairless chest.

  • Bob

    What a shame. For me, magnetism comes from having a rough side and a smooth side. He lost the rough side to a razor. Pity what some will do for a photo op

  • Dewey Mee

    I saw Matthew Morrison back in 2002 at the world premiere of “Hairspray” in Seattle. I don’t watch the show, but shirtless Matthew fills me with glee! Although, I will never understand what Squarehippies has against smooth-chest men. Smooth men are also sexy!!!!!

    • @Dewey Mee Not against smoothness, just faux ones! 😛

  • Phil

    I don’t care I’d still suck his-well never mind…

  • Kevin NY

    Saw him in person, better on TV and in print – very much a ginger.

  • it’s sad, all that shaving. His hairy chest will be missed for a while.
    but, oh, his arms… I’ll appreciate these pics for a long time.


  • Cutie Pie

    I’m weeping. Why is it the media NEEDS to shave, wax or otherwise strip such lusciously furry men?

  • Cutie Pie

    …. and why do these men LET them?

  • He’s beautiful and it is a shame they don’t just let him be naturally hot. That would make glee be worth watching.

  • Metcalfe

    Morrison is yummy!

  • Oh! He´s hot!

  • cutler

    the episode when mr. schue was sick and pulled off his shirt in bed was the first time in glee that you saw his shaved chest. in the rocky horror episode it was still very much furry and perfect. the first time i saw it shaved, my mind was in denial, i just could not believe that beautiful hair was gone!! at least it can grow back (like penn badgley’s constantly disappearing and reappearing fur). i’ve been going through the stages of death over mr. schue’s fur, i haven’t gotten past anger yet. i still hate it too that chris evans shaved his fur to play cap america. we’re in for a smooth summer…

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  • RandyNewOrleans


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