Guess This Man Cleavage

Who might be the owner of this rather unsanitary man cleavage? I have a feeling that there’s some kind of tape underneath the waistcoat to keep the shirt perfectly open. Personally, I wouldn’t even bother with the shirt (naturally) because we’ve seen this fine piece of British beef with little and no clothing at all. Two words to refresh your filthy minds — bath tub. If anything he should be sans shirt throughout the entire film. Guess before you click!

You’ve seen them in glossy magazines and dance floors, but now thanks to Mr. Bond himself, the man-cleavage is making a comeback to the big screen and will become more popular than ever with the release of “Cowboys & Aliens”. I’m not sure what to make of his allegedly cowboy / Indiana Jones outfit. The pants are so bloody tight that they beautifully showcased his tight buttocks but the man-cleavage thing arguably will raise a few eyebrows (and other things too I’m sure). Despite Daniel Craig’s generosity in previous ventures, I’m putting my money on zer0 shirtlessness in this film solely based on the trailer, which is a damn shame. “Cowboys & Aliens” will be in theatres July next year. In the mean time, we can all watch the trailer and proceed to stare at his firm behind in the poster.

Daniel Craig in Cowboys and Aliens

Daniel Craig in Cowboys and Aliens

  • Starring Daniel Craig’s ass! That is a juicy booty.

  • Studhunter

    COWBOYS and ALIENS LOL Clever Idea!! Hpe he’s a Gay Alien!!

  • mckey

    It’s like everybody in Hollywood has become stupid.There’s no fresh idea.They just don’t know how to make a good movies anymore.Even the title of this film is enough to make you think twice before buying a ticket.It is so freaking obvious that there’s gonna be tons of effects with laser and all kind stuffs.I will never watch this movie unless Daniel Craig shows a lot of skin in it.

  • fofml

    what a sweet booty that man’s got!!!

  • @mckey Well said!

  • Matty

    The best future Cowboy Western type show was ‘Firefly’

  • Peter

    That poster is ridiculously yummy.

  • I saw the preview for this before the new Harry Potter and the entire audience erupted with laughter when the title flashed on the screen. Really, Hollywood? This is the best you can come up with to put these a-listers in? But there’s not enough money to keep the Bond franchise going?

  • Julius Seizure

    Now there’s a fellow who knows how to play to the cheap seats.

  • KarmaLysing

    I’m curious: What part of “Parody” do some of you 20-something dimwits not understand?

  • dannyc

    I see a video game in the future….

  • pocket

    @karma : THANK YOU. Anybody who doesn’t see the brilliance and originality in this idea – honestly, I’m slapping myself wondering why no one thought of this before – needs to go back to watching their Shrek/Pirates/Transformers 4quels.

    To say an original blockbuster that plays off of classic story elements in a totally new and unique way (like Inception before it) is a sign of an idea-less Hollywood need only look at the endless remakes, crappy book adaptations (looking at you, Twilight) and sequels surrounding it to prove that isn’t true.

    Oh, and Daniel Craig is hot.

  • ARthur

    Lift and separate!

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