I’ll Have Adrian’s Extra Special Beef Please

Adrian Ivory Farmer of the Year

No, it’s not really the Hot British Guys Awareness Sunday — but I feel that we all need to be constantly educated on the abundance of undiscovered hotness across the pond. If the last post was a tad too pretty for you, feast your eyeballs on this fine piece of Scottish man haggis, Adrian Ivory of Perthshire. Adrian is the winner of Farmer of the Year and Young Farmer of the Year 2008 and yes, he’s another truly HOT British farmer but twice as beefy as this one. I can totally see why, and it has nothing to do with those damn ginormous cattles! Adrian is like the Brad Pitt of British agriculture industry has also been recently featured in supermarket Asda’s “Extra Special Beef” commercial. Asda’s a bit rubbish in general, but it’s good to know that I can get Adrian’s beef there. I repeat, Adrian’s BEEF. Heh. Watch the two clips featuring this ultrahot ginge, after the jump.

Adrian Ivory – Strathisla Farms – Oxford Farming Conference from Rob Bryce on Vimeo.

Adrian Ivory Farmer of the Year

Speaking of hot ginge farmers, here’s a commercial from Yeo Valley featuring the star of my wet dreams tonight (apart from Adrian of course), the hot ginge in the wife-beater. Who cares if he’s not a real farmer? And yes it does involve a barn and lots of hay. Swoon.


Hot Ginge in Yeo Valley Ad

Hot Ginge in Yeo Valley Ad

Hot Ginge in Yeo Valley Ad

  • mckey

    British/Scottish man are so f***ing attractive.The one and only reason is that they are so natural and let nature takes its course.Hairy,Non-greasy hair and no tanning.Some of them also are not too fond of deodorant.That’s what I’ve heard. I guess if you ever wanted to know what a natural taste of man is really like,you have to go to Britain.

  • DoverDavid

    I like the beefy hairy arms.

  • Len

    these guys are like HOTT TEDDY BEARS. you’d feel secure,safe,and LOVED in those big burly arms!

  • WarpedRecord

    Love the hair on those knuckles! You know that’s just a hint of what lies beneath …

  • Phil

    Why is it that Brit men tend to loose their good looks so early?…It seems as they approch 30 something, most Brit men start to get that ‘horsey’ look…Case in point HRH Prince William-he’s starting to look more and more like his dad(and yes I’ve seen the nude pics[of Charles]not enough eyeball bleach in the world)…No wonder the established Royals didn’t like HRH Diana-she brought ‘looks’ into the family…And I’d like to know just who’s kid is Andrew?…Out of all the establishment Royals he’s the cutest-though even he’s already got that ‘horsey’ look…

  • Phil

    Yes I know I’m a ‘bitch’-LOL

  • Freshie88

    Loved the rap. What is the name of hot ginge in the wife-beater 😉

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