Mark Feuerstein in Knucklehead

Mark Feuerstein Shirtless in Knucklehead

Two of my favorite things in the world in one frame? Hell to the yes. In case you live under a rock (I’m talking about me), the furry one on the left is Mark Furrystein Feuerstein and the silver mustache daddy on the right is Dennis Farina. No, they’re not about to make out unfortunately, not in my mind at least — but I seriously think this should be the film poster for “Knucklehead“, because the current one doesn’t work for me. Thanks for Josh for the caps and the heads up, but I just had to go Blu-ray on this one. Coincidentally, Josh had a roommate who looks exactly like Mark and he obviously had the hots for him (the visuals are for Josh and me at the moment but that may change). My roommate back in university looked like a Gummi Bear, so I guess some people have all the luck in the world. Oh well.

Mark Feuerstein Shirtless in Knucklehead

Mark Feuerstein Shirtless in Knucklehead

Mark Feuerstein Shirtless in Knucklehead

Mark Feuerstein Shirtless in Knucklehead

Mark Feuerstein Shirtless in Knucklehead

  • mckey

    I always have a problem with a guys that have invincible nipples and yet still love to take off their shirts.I mean, don’t bother.He doesn’t have a completely invincible nips but almost there.

  • WarpedRecord

    I’d say his whole body is invincible, not just his nipples. I wish they were more visible, though, and I wish I didn’t have to go to the Internet to try to see them.

  • DoverDavid

    Cute n furry with a nice arm pit, I would share my bucket of chicken with him any time.


    You need to watch LOVE SHACK where he plays pornstar; excellent furry chesr!!!

  • Bucky

    I am not sure what invincible nipples are, or how you can tell from a photo, but I would LOVE to spend a few hours trying to do some damage to his. Invincible or not, I am sure that my determination and lust would sooner or later destroy whatever strange force field is protecting his nipples from harm.

    His nipples will bend to my desire!!!

    I think his nipples are nice, as is the rest of his amazing and furry chest.

    Thank you Mark for keeping it natural.

  • @Retistuda Thanks! I’ll check it out soon.

  • Colby varner

    i remember him about 8 years ago in a movie (with Penelope Cruz) and he wasn’t that buff. Looking at the results now is like… WOW!

  • Rickg

    Loved Mark from the first time I set eyes on him. A terrific actor with a (yes) terrific bod. Love the fur and the nipples that are covered up by the fur… just another tease to imagine the real thing. Mark’s great all around!!!!

  • Mark

    So that’s what they mean by sexy MF. Looooove him!

  • mckey

    @Bucky Invincible nipples are the nipples that are too small to see(for example Jake Gyllenhaal) and the nipples that have the same color with the skin.For examples, look at Robert Pattinson in New Moon and Chris Evans pictures in Captain America.I know that it is just a make up and not their natural nipples color but sometimes in real life you do meet people with this type of nipples.

  • GMaster

    Wouldn’t that be INVISIBLE nipples rather than INVINCIBLE?

  • Bucky

    I much prefer the idea of invincible nipples!

    And damn, but don’t I want to have some.

    Can they stop bullets? Do they shoot laser beams?

    More importantly, Do I get to wear a cape?

    If I am going to get to be Mr. Invincible Nipples, the outfit is key.

  • Bucky

    BTW, GMaster, thanks for someone who finally understood the obviously unintentional joke.

  • redcat

    I can see his nipples quite well!
    His face looks less botoxy than in Royal pains, which is very appreciated.

  • wow, he looks so fit. loved his back!


  • Ronald

    I’d play with him under the covers any time of the night he would like to

  • i would lick it, twice if he let me

  • He’s pretty much my perfect ideal husband.

  • Van

    oh my. please tell me that you saw Joshua Gomez on his hands and knees on tonight’s Chuck. With his fur peeking out from under his shirt!
    made my night

  • Josh

    Hey Square, thanks for putting up these pics! They look great and he looks great and you got a + with Farina being in there! Good for you ! 🙂 But sorry that you had a gummie bear for a roommate! LOL That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard! Cam (my former roomie) is a hot guy and he definitely looks like he could be Mark’s brother — but I don’t think he would be keen on having his picture posted on a “gay themed” website. 😉 In the future I’ll gladly contribute anything else I find that will look good on your site!

    ~ Josh


  • Josh

    Did anyone catch the tribute to “The Graduate” in the 17th image down? Where the camera shot is of him on top of the big guy on the bed through the legs of the woman? I thought that was pretty clever. “Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me, aren’t you?” Just saw that movie for the first time last year. A GREAT film!

  • WarpedRecord

    Josh: Excellent observation on “The Graduate” homage. I think you’ve got something there.

  • JoeStrong

    Im a massage therapist and I just worked on him last thursday. Really nice with a really nice, hard ass. 🙂

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